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For The Love of The Outdoors

Our backyard patio is still a work in progress but I thought I'd share where we are at with it so far.  My husband and I love to hang out outside.  We read out here together, we have dinner and drinks out here and I'm actually currently writing this blogpost from outside.  We moved into our house last winter and had a ton of work to do to our yard last summer, since the house had no landscaping or patio.  Once we had our patio installed we needed to decide what kind of furniture to buy.  We ended up buying this seven piece outdoor dining set from Wayfair.  

I'm extremely happy with it!  I think that the classic black metal style will stand the test of time.  And once more accents are added it will look even better.  The dining set is great quality and somehow the black metal does not get hot in the sun.  I would have loved a wooden table but we'd prefer to keep the dining set outside during the winter months (we live in Pennsylvania and get snow) and I've seen som…

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