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Dinner Time

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers
My husband and I LOVE burgers.  But I try to limit the amount of red meat I eat and have been making vegetarian burgers for us at least once every two weeks.  It's amazing how a vegetarian burger can satisfy your craving for a meat burger, even my husband, a meat loving guy, agrees.  
This vegetarian burger is so incredibly delicious and equally healthy that it has now become my new go to burger.  I adapted this recipe from the Minimalist Baker.  Her recipe website is one of my favorites to adapt and get dinner inspiration from.
 My recipe differs from the original because I lost a couple of the ingredients and changed the cooking method slightly.  I baked the burgers for less time and then threw them on the stove top, I also melted a couple slices of a sharp cheddar cheese on top.
My Ingredient List: -two baked organic sweet potatoes -one can organic black beans -one cup organic brown rice -one organic egg (beaten) -a sprinkle of panko bread cr…

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