15 Picks from the Nordstom Half-Yearly Sale

by - May 27, 2017

Hi friends,  I don't necessarily want this to become a shopping blog, I'd prefer it to be lifestyle blog, but I had to address Nordstom's Half-Yearly sale.  Here are my top 15 picks.  All but one of my picks are under $50, I seem to always spend more on shoes.

Well made cute and comfy flats for under $120 in black and beige... sold.

This dress looks perfect for summer BBQ's!  It has a cute little tie detail in the front without any exposure which I definitely feel would be more comfortable.

This printed romper looks like easy item to throw on and look cute for 
summer occasions.

I prefer to buy on trend item on sale since you never know if you look cool or out of place wearing trendy items next year.  These jeans fit the bill.

I always try think of future seasons when shopping sale items and although I don't want to think about fall, this reversible bomber would perfect for that time of year.  Along with the next two jackets which are great deals and can not be passed over.  The Columbia jacket is actually my favorite of the three.

High waisted Top Shop white shorts that are long in the crouch so that your butt doesn't hang out... need I say more?

My sister-in-law wore a pair on pants similar to these on her last visit to our house and if they were my size they might have gone 'missing' during her stay.  I guess now I can buy my own pair.

This pair of polka dot palazzo pants are another on-trend item that I'm so happy hit the half-yearly sale.  As well as the utility pants below with three trendy patches, they look very comfortable and are my favorite out of all four pants I have listed in today's post.

I'm short and I like to wear high waisted bottoms with cropped tops and this one looks perfect in four cute colors.  And under $20!

The next three tops are more for fall or winter but with thinking ahead these prices are too good.  They are seeming simple tops with small details that dress them up and are perfect for any occasion.  If I had to pick a favorite I couldn't but I did buy the last too listed tops, the first top is still in my cart.

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