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by - May 25, 2017

Masters of None Review Part One

My husband and I watch a bunch of TV shows together and we love Netflix.  We just finished watching Masters of None, Season Two on Netflix and I give it five stars.  If you are looking for something fresh, current, funny, sarcastic, maybe late twenties and thirties lifestyle, dating, travel and food... WATCH THIS SHOW.
  Fair warning the rest of this post
will have spoilers.

I am IN LOVE with this show.  I love the main character Dev, played by Aziz Anasari and I love his crew.  This season the crew mainly consists of Arnold (Eric Wareheim), Denise (Lena Waithe) and Brain (Kelvin Yu).  The season begins in the small Italian town Modena, where Dev is working for and learning to make pasta from a local shop owner.  The first episode is in black and white which I'm assuming is done that way because it is a flash back.  The story is it's his birthday and he finds himself in a hilariously funny situation of a missed connection with a love interest.  I was shocked that we did not see his love interest from this episode again in the season and further shocked when Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi) becomes his love interest later in New York City.  Was anyone else expecting to see the girl from episode one again?  I don't think that in the show Dev even realizes, while he is in Italy, that he has fallen for Francesca.  I don't think that happens till he returns to New York and she is accompanying her BOYFRIEND on a business trip.  Anyway I digress... the scenes from the Italy episodes really pull at my travel heart strings.

The season continues with Arnold visiting him in Modena, due to the fact he is attending his EX-GIRLFRIEND"s wedding.  Have you ever gone to an exes wedding?  I have not and don't know if I could.  Arnold delays majorly in telling Dev that it is actually his exes wedding and the two 
decide to go together.  I get the delay, but personally I probably would have told all the people close to me about the invite the second I got it.  Is that a difference between boys and girls? Before the wedding they eat like crazy all around Modena (jealous) and get their rental car stuck in the small streets looking for their Airbnb.  So if all of that leading up to the wedding isn't funny enough for you don't worry because poor Arnold freaks out in the most embarrassing way at the wedding.  He is shocked, angered and saddened when he comes to finding the groom looks like a different version of himself (smaller too), while the reason the bride gave for breaking up with him was "that he was not her type".  I get this too, aren't we always looking for a better version of the guy or girl we last dated We all have a type.  My husband is the best version of 'my type', I mean the BEST. 

The scenes in this episode are great and end with Arnold somehow redeeming himself by giving an almost cringe worthy speech and a party in the pool with the guests including the bride and groom.  Arnold is dating like four girls, maybe five and Dev reminds him of his "hey cutie" texts to these girls to help him get over his anger towards the bride.  The "hey cutie" texts are amazing and I love how they are an honest portrayal of dating during the text, Facebook, Instagram, etc age.  The season builds on the dating age of today and really hits the mark, in my opinion.  I met my husband on 
OK Cupid! so I can relate to internet dating, text conversations and emoji conversations.  Later in the season there is hilarious talk about the meaning of the 'kissy' face emoji and hidden meanings behind texts.  Because, haven't we all been there?  Mind games or just general confusion because texting is not the same as talking on the phone.  The only people I talk to on the phone are my husband and my more immediate family and I wish it wasn't so but it's easier to text with my friends so we do, we text and emoji talk.  I think I am not alone when I say that Maters of None is a GREAT show and I plan on continuing reviewing season two and I am currently re-watching season one for more content in the future.  After watching season two I feel like I MUST visit Modena and eat pasta ASAP of course.  

(all images courtesy of Netflix)

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