Dinner Time

by - May 31, 2017

I love to cook, especially when my dinners come out good.  I'll be sharing a recipes weekly and I'll be starting today with a meatless recipe that is protein packed.  This recipe is super simple but packs a bunch of flavor and can be whipped up in fifteen minutes.  

Black Bean and Scrambled Eggs Burritos

I do a large portion of my grocery shopping at Traders Joes so my ingredients are mainly found at Trader Joes but I imagine any grocery store has these items.  I used five tortillas because I made two burritos for myself and three burritos for the hubs.

Eight Eggs (cage free)
Five Tortillas
One can of Black Beans 
About a pint of Guacamole
About 1/4 Cup Half and Half or Milk
A little butter for the pan
Salt and Pepper

The Recipe:
I started by breaking the eggs in a medium bowl, adding the half and half and beating the mixture really well.  I then melted the butter over medium heat in a medium pan.   I swirled the butter to coat the pan and added the egg mixture.  While the eggs cooked I placed each tortilla on a separate plate and spread a layer of guacamole on each.  I drained and rinsed the black beans and then topped the guacamole layer with about a tablespoon or two of black beans. 

When the eggs were fully cooked (I like them light and fluffy hence the half and half) I scooped them on top of the guacamole and black beans layers added some salt and pepper and wrapped up five burritos.  They were delicious, filing and oh so good for you since I used Trader Joes less guilt guacamole which has 50% fat and 40% less calories then regular guacamole.  The tortillas I bought were habanero lime flavored so they had a little kick.  Yum!  Happy cooking!

Editors Note: Thank you for putting up with the poor quality of my photos I promise to improve.

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