Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

by - May 26, 2017

With an upcoming long weekend beginning at five pm for most, the thought up getting back to work on Tuesday is dreadful.  Our bodies are going to dislike the return to 'normal life' even less.  Most of us will eat and drink more than usual and get less exercise due to being busy having fun.
And of course this is the way things should be.  We all deserve our fun.  I'm of the mind set work hard, play harder.  And my body feels it.  One health approach I've recently adopted to combat a long weekend of fun, is taking activated charcoal pills.  Activated charcoal is extremely popular right now and can be found in all types of skincare products.  It has long list of benefits that include: 
~removing toxins from the body
~helping to prevent hangovers
~treatment of alcohol poisoning
~teeth whitening
~water filtration
~mold cleansing
~cleansing the digestive track
~alleviating gas and bloating
~it's vegan and gluten free
and many more.

Um... Yes Please!!  To the hole darn list!  I use it when I drink a little too much or for whenever I'm feeling sluggish and it really helps.  I have been taking activated charcoal for over a month maybe two.  I take two pills on a day I feel I need it and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Personally I feel it is best for my digestive health.  If you are like me being healthy digestively affects all aspects of your health.  I feel more energized, my skin feels clearer, I don't feel heavy and I am generally happier when I am feeling healthy digestively.  My warning about taking to much activated charcoal or if your using it for the first time is that it makes things darker when they pass (I hope you get my drift).  It also can stain white things, if you decide to open the capsule and mix it in with a drink, food or even try a diy face mask.  I bought my bottle on Amazon and have added the link below.
Have a happy, fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Activated Charcoal

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