Travel Tuesday

by - May 23, 2017

As I mentioned in my first post I am headed to the Greek Isles this summer.  
This is a family trip that will include my husband, my brother and his girlfriend and my parents.  It is a Princess Cruise trip the will hit the locations marked on the map below.  I am personally very excited about about the stop in Mykonos.  We leave the states on July seventh and are spending an extra day at the end of the trip in Athens to wonder.  But enough about this trip for now.  
I'll surely come back to it again later.  

For me travel is like oxygen, I need it to survive.  I have been traveling for years, sometimes by myself.  the following is a couple places I've been;
Tulum, Mexico
Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy
Miami, Florida
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Pisa, Italy
Provence, France
Gibraltar (is it the UK? some say its Portugal).

I named Tulum, Mexico first because I have actually been there four time, twice by myself and twice with my husband.  We actually just honeymooned in Tulum this past March.  I plan on posting about Tulum again but today I wanted to share some photos from our last trip.  Including swimming with sea turtles at a neighboring town called Akumal.

The hotel we stayed at, Piedra Escondida is located in a perfectly accessible location per my opinion.  Its not too far down the beach in either direction and makes riding a bike anywhere the best was to get around.  It's also across the street from an ATM at a bodega that sells beer very cheap.  Makes for easy runs over to the bodega while sitting on the balcony.  The hotel is very small, about nine rooms and each has a balcony and view of the ocean.  I would definitely recommend this hotel, I've actually stayed there twice!

Sunrises CAN NOT be missed.

Tulum is a magical little town, that is gaining popularity but still off the beaten path.  Most stores, restaurants and bars are cash only.  Locals and staff in Tulum are all so nice and helpful.  Someone is always willing to give you advice on what to do with yourself for the day.  The beaches are gorgeous and the food is incredible.  The flight is short and for the most part cheap from the east coast.  I always fly out of Philadelphia Airport into Cancun Airport and book a shuttle service to take me from Cancun to Tulum.  Cancun is the closest airport to Tulum.   

These last three photos are from the Tulum town center, a short bike ride or taxi ride from the beach side where my hotel was.  You can also find many hotels and hostels in the Tulum town center and THE BEST food.  

Tulum is also known for its cenotes.  Which are natural cavelike waterholes of all different shapes, sizes and characteristics.  I've been too many cenotes and will expand on them another day  I figured this simple post about Tulum would kick of my first Travel Tuesday post for now.


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