At Home Facial

by - June 01, 2017

Weeks ago, when the weather started to change, I went looking for an at-home facial peel.  After doing my research I headed to Ulta and bought this Vichy, Double Glow Peeling Mask and I got the exact results I wanted.

The reason I went looking in the first place for a product like this was that I was feeling like my skin had some build up and was looking a little dull.  Maybe due to my calm winter facial cleanser or my heavy winter nighttime moisturizer.  Both things which I later switched out with the new season as well.  I wanted the 'glow' of fresh spring-summer skin.  

This peeling mask did the trick.  My face felt fresh right after I rinsed it and so soft and supple.  I used a light moisturizer after and went to bed and found the results to be even better in the morning.  I put on my sunscreen and did not use foundation.  I did use a concealer for my under eyes but that is all.  On top of the great results the prices point of the mask is amazing...$20!!

The consistency of the mask is gel-like and it does not dry like most masks you might be used to.  You apply it to your skin and then wait five minutes and massage it in with your fingertips and then wait another ten minutes to rinse it off.  It tingles a little in a fresh way, it does not sting and did not cause me any redness like facials often do.  I read that the point of the massage after five minutes is to activate the AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids).  AHA's are known to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin cells to rise to the skins surface.  The mask also contains volcanic rock that helps to exfoliate the skin.  I think that while rinsing my face I could feel the volcanic rock, which I didn't feel at first.  The mask also seemed to have a healing affect and faded some older acne scars a bit.  After using this mask several time I can say I'm a super happy customer and I will be repurchasing it and even trying more of Vichy's products since this was the first time I tried this brand.  

Below is a selfie after I rinsed and dried my face, I should have taken another picture of my skin in the morning because it was in even better shape.  A big thank you to my husband for taking pictures of me using the Vichy Double Glow Peeling Mask.

Editors note: I apologize for the low quality of my pictures, I promise to improve.  And please excuse the selfie face.

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