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by - June 08, 2017


House of Cards is one of my favorite shows currently on TV.  It is truly a binge worthy show.  Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) are so wildly evil that I actually root for them.  I love Claire Underwood's poise and demeanor and her wardrobe is always so on point.  My husband and I have already finished watching season five, it took us a week, which honestly is a long time in the binge world.  Be warned the rest of this post will have spoilers.

The first four seasons of House of Cards were awesome.  The death of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) and Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) were shocking and crazy, then Francis Underwood steals the presidency... it was all amazing.  This season we are focused on him winning the election.  And in my opinion for too long.  At one point I said to my husband 'I'm going to be pissed if they end the season and we still don't know who won the election'.   Luckily that did not happen and Frank won the presidency.  But again he pretty much stole it.  The other candidate, the Republican candidate, Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) actually wins the election but in true Frank fashion he steals the presidency after causing chaos and finding dirty secrets on Conway and Conway's VP candidate.   It's pretty amazing the way Frank and Claire manipulate the constitution.  But I felt this could have been handled in a couple of episodes and not seven.  I can say that the build up of the election made me really hate Conway and his wife, Hannah (Dominique McElligott) and made me root even harder for Frank and Claire.  I think the reason I began to hate the Conway's is that they were all smoke and mirrors they were not their true selves while yes Frank and Claire probably are the smoke and mirrors to the public they are true with each other in the fact that they are manipulative and will do anything for power.  Conway and his wife are just as bad as Frank and Claire but can not admit it to themselves.

Claire's boy toy, writer, boyfriend, Tom Yates (Paul Sparks) also annoyed the heck out of me.  What kind of man is he?  Sleeping with the tour guide in the press room, it was gross and hard to watch.  As far as I'm concerned he's a pathetic man in a pathetic relationship with the First Lady and has no redeeming qualities.  He seems as though he is a horribly depressed man who finds himself in unhealthy relationships that are bad for him or in which the other person in the relationship has bad intentions.  I was happy when Claire killed him, shocked and happy.  He was definitely playing games with Claire by leaving her the manuscript he wrote about her and obviously could not take being broken up with like a man.  Just walk away, start over, don't play games.

I was also shocked when after working so hard to win the Presidency that Frank was the one sabotaging himself and pretty much gave Claire the Presidency.  I would have liked to see him president for a while but this story of her having to pardon him and being the one to narrate the story now is obviously a more interesting path.  I also understand that Frank wants more power than the presidency and I am sure he has a plan B, C, D and more.  It looks like he had planned for both scenarios in one where former President Garrett Walker (Michel Gill) pleads the fifth and one where Walker exposes Frank after being provoked.  Frank must have known the damage that could be done by provoking Walker after stealing his presidency and making him look like a disgrace.

In general I think the fact that Frank always has another plan or that he is ten steps ahead in his way of thinking is why I root for him.  He is calculated to the extreme and that takes a lot of intelligence, energy, focus and drive, so there has got to something said for that even though he is evil through and through.

There is a lot in season five that I have not even touched on but I'll save it for another day.  All in all I can say I am already looking forward to season six.  Season five was my least favorite season of all the seasons but it did do a great job setting up season six and was way better than most shows on TV these days.  So while it wasn't my favorite season it stayed true to the characters, building and killing new and old characters, it was beyond interesting with manipulation and loop holes and as always tense and keeping you wanting more.  House of Cards, in my opinion, is an A+++ show.

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