Dinner Time

by - June 15, 2017

Adapted Creamy Shrimp Linguine with 
Cherry Tomatoes

This recipe came out so good, but I made some SERIOUS adjustments.  The recipe I used was, Delish: Best Creamy Linguine with Tomatoes, Kale and Lemon Zest .  The biggest adjustments that I made were,  no kale, no lemon and no chicken stock and double the amount of wine to make up for the chicken stock loss. 

Also I found that my cherry tomatoes took longer than three minutes to wilt, more like 10 or a little more.  And instead of full fat cream I used non-fat half and half and to thicken the sauce once all the main ingredients were in, I used a sprinkle or two of cornstarch.  Cornstarch is lower in fat than cream so it was healthier version yielding the same result. 

Otherwise I followed the basic steps of the recipe and the extra wine gave the linguine great flavor...
Happy Cooking!  

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