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by - June 22, 2017

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers

My husband and I LOVE burgers.  But I try to limit the amount of red meat I eat and have been making vegetarian burgers for us at least once every two weeks.  It's amazing how a vegetarian burger can satisfy your craving for a meat burger, even my husband, a meat loving guy, agrees.  

This vegetarian burger is so incredibly delicious and equally healthy that it has now become my new go to burger.  I adapted this recipe from the Minimalist Baker.  Her recipe website is one of my favorites to adapt and get dinner inspiration from.

 My recipe differs from the original because I lost a couple of the ingredients and changed the cooking method slightly.  I baked the burgers for less time and then threw them on the stove top, I also melted a couple slices of a sharp cheddar cheese on top.

My Ingredient List:
-two baked organic sweet potatoes
-one can organic black beans
-one cup organic brown rice
-one organic egg (beaten)
-a sprinkle of panko bread crumbs
-one organic roma tomato
-organic spinach
-sharp cheddar cheese
-two potato rolls
-sriracha mayo

 This recipe is simple but its takes time, about an hour and a half to create these burgers, from beginning to end.  I began by cutting the sweet potatoes in half, rubbing them all over with olive oil and baking them on a foiled lined pan for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.  At the same time I cooked my brown rice, from Trader Joe's according to the package, it took about 30 minutes.  Once these two ingredients were cooked and cooled I mashed the sweet potatoes with the whole can of black beans.  I mashed the mixture so that some of the black beans looked whole while some looked mashed, I also chopped up two of the sweet potato skins and added them in.  Sweet potato skins contain so many nutrients that it seemed silly not to use them and I think they are delicious.  Then the brown rice went in the mixture with the egg and a sprinkle of panko bread crumbs.  In my experience with vegetarian burgers an egg helps to mold and hold the burger together during the cooking process.  Some bean based vegetarian burgers tend to fall apart.  Also my mixture was a bit moist after I added the egg so I threw in some panko to suck it up and also help hold the burger together.  Once I was satisfied with the consistency of the mixture I molded four burgers and baked them at 400 degrees for twenty minutes.

Since the recipe made four burgers and I was cooking for two (my husband and I) I froze two of the burgers after they came out of the oven.  I put the other two burgers on the stove top at medium heat with a little olive oil so that I could brown both sides.  My intent was to have the outsides browned and lightly crisped while the insides were still moist.  It worked.  Then on went two slice of cheddar cheese.  I always melt cheese on any burger the same way, I add a couple drops of water to the hot pan and cover the pan with a lid.  The steam from the water makes the cheese melt in about a minute.

Add a little sriracho mayo and there you go...
dinner is served!

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