Entryway Dreaming

by - June 30, 2017

Our entryway is cute but small.  In our next home I'd like a larger entryway, maybe something like the photo above or the photo to the left.  For me an entryway should be pretty but functional at the same time.  I think that a mirror is a must.  Not that I am vain but I think it's convenient to have a mirror in the entryway so that I can take one last look at myself before heading out the door.  I eat a lot of spinach and taking that last look has saved me from some embarrassing moments of potential spinach stuck in my teeth conversations with my neighbor or the check out person at Trader Joe's.  

When it comes to function my entryway also needs an area to throw keys and sunglasses and keep things like Bella's (our doggie) leash and her poopy bags.  Currently our home has a marble shelf in the entryway that has a hand crafted wooden bowl we brought home from Costa Rica and a pretty West Elm vase housing Bella's poopy bags.  It's small but it works.  There is also a small mirror above the shelf and a coat rack behind the front door.  In our next house I'd like to replace the shelf with a console table and I'd like to add a long runner inviting guests into our home.  And of course add some more decorative items.   I've searched my favorite shops for mirrors, entryway tables and rugs and sourced them all below.  Many of the items here can only be bought online, which I've had good and bad experiences with.  Both Wayfair and Overstock are great, you can often get great deals for great quality items and they both have easy and fair return policies.  With that said during the process of furnishing my home I did buy a couple items that were subpar from both places and my take away from the experiences has been read the reviews.  And if there are no reviews don't I'd suggest not buying it, it's a large risk and you can loose some money in the return process.
Editors Note: the two images above have an unknown source, I found them on Pinterest.


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