For The Love of The Outdoors

by - June 23, 2017

Our backyard patio is still a work in progress but I thought I'd share where we are at with it so far.  My husband and I love to hang out outside.  We read out here together, we have dinner and drinks out here and I'm actually currently writing this blogpost from outside.  We moved into our house last winter and had a ton of work to do to our yard last summer, since the house had no landscaping or patio.  Once we had our patio installed we needed to decide what kind of furniture to buy.  We ended up buying this seven piece outdoor dining set from Wayfair.  

I'm extremely happy with it!  I think that the classic black metal style will stand the test of time.  And once more accents are added it will look even better.  The dining set is great quality and somehow the black metal does not get hot in the sun.  I would have loved a wooden table but we'd prefer to keep the dining set outside during the winter months (we live in Pennsylvania and get snow) and I've seen some horribly warped wooden tables due to weather conditions.  

Our umbrella is from Lowes.  I love the navy and white stripes and it tilts to block the sun in different directions.  Our seat cushions are from Target and were relatively cheap.  They do the job but definitely need accent cushions which I haven't been able to decide on.  I'd like to put more greenery and bushes around the patio.  Maybe even a spot for a herb garden or even a vegetable garden but that will have to wait until next year.  We do have a gorgeous rose bush that faces the patio along the backside of the house.  Last summer we planted a whole line of bushes between the backside of the house and the patio.  The idea was that the space along the backside of the house was wasted space, we wouldn't be putting furniture up against the house.  So we decided to plant boxwoods and some flowering plants.  Our rose bush isn't currently in bloom but it looked like the photo below two weeks ago!

For a little twinkle of light at night I hung glass lanterns from World Market, similar too these.  I hung them on some metal posts which normally hang plants.  The pretty tray on the table is from West Elm.
So far I'm happy with the progress we made.  Next Spring and Summer we will make more updates but for now I'm loving relaxing out here with my two babes.
(Bella loves a good photobomb, thank goodness she's so cute!)

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