Friday Thoughts - Guest Bathroom Inpiration

by - June 02, 2017

Image Via: House & Home

I've been dreaming of re-doing our guest bathroom but can't seem to pull the trigger or get my husband to sign on for a design.  Our bathroom is very pretty as is but it is super plain.  The previous owner of our house bought the house in bad shape and flipped it so everything is new.  Which is great!!  But they were definitely trying to sell to a demographic that is not as adventurous in design as I am.  Our vanity is a dark brown color like the one above but is very basic.  The bathroom has a shower so a bold design would mean less change to some accessories because of color or pattern limitations.  The bathroom does not have a window so we are little scared to go big, but I am so in love with the pattern above.  The following photos are also giving major bathroom design envy and inspiration.

Image Via: My Domaine

I wish I had a white vanity like the one in the photo above.  But I can not convince my husband to get rid of our vanity, it seems wasteful since it is brand new and in perfect condition.  Grrrr....

Image Via: Cuckoo 4 Design

The wall design (probably wallpaper) in the photo above would REALLY work in our guest bathroom, this is probably the most realistic option.

Below is dreamy and romantic...

Image Via: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Image Via: Pintrest

Obviously there is a theme here of a lot of black and white but that's really what I;m drawn to.  I could never convince my husband to replicate the picture below but a girl can dream.

Image Via: Splendid Habitat

Image Via: Elle Decor

Are you dreaming of any re-do's in your home.  Or do you love getting stuck in a Pintrest hole looking at dream bathrooms (or any room)?  Thank you for reading and dreaming with me, feel free to comment, I love to hear opinions!

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