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by - June 05, 2017

We all know that wearing sunscreen with SPF is essential to our skin's health.  Sunscreen with SPF protects us from ultaviolet sun rays that can cause skin cancer, premature aging and promote skin damage.  I LOVE to be out in the sun so I wear a light moisturizer on my face every day with SPF 30 to protect myself.   The moisturizer that I use is one that promises to be less greasy and oil free.  While it does deliver on it's promise for most of the day, by mid to late afternoon I find my face to be a little more shiny than I would prefer it to be.  This in inevitable no matter how matte your sunscreen with SPF may be.  

My solution to this problem was to buy a powder that contains SPF.  And for me it is the perfect touch up in the afternoon.  A powder with SPF not only provides added protection but it also manages to absorb some of my skin's excess oil or precipitation.  I say added protection because I have read that powder's with SPF should not be used us your only line of sun defense, it should be used secondary or as a touch up.  

I can not seem to find the exact powder with SPF that I bought last summer.  I am almost out of it and have complied a list of powders with SPF that are getting good reviews across the internet so that I can purchase a new product.  Below is my list.  Also the powder I purchased last summer is Paula's Choice Healthy Finish Pressed Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (the first two pictures below).

(sorry no link I just can't find it, maybe it was discontinued)

The accompanying case for this foundation refill is $8 and linked here:

Because I used a pressed powder last year and applied it with my own makeup brush I have decided not to use a pressed powder this year.  I am having a hard time deciding between the Super Goop, Peter Thomas Roth and Ilia powders.  I'm leaning towards the Super Goop Powder since I have used and like that brand.  I'll give a full update after my purchase and a couple uses.

Thanks for reading!

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