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by - June 13, 2017

The Grand Canyon

 In September of 1991 my parents took my bother and I to the Grand Canyon.  The pictures in this post are from that trip and are unedited because I wanted to stay true to the trip and to the time.  I was seven years old at the time (my brother is eighteen months younger) and although I have happy memories from the trip I don't have full, strong, long memories like the trips of my adulthood.  

For this reason and for the fact that I love nature, the outdoors, hiking, climbing and adventure, I have been trying to plan a trip with my husband in the next couple years to the Grand Canyon (he has never been).  Because of other planned vacations it might not happen till 2019 but I have a good idea of how I'd plan the trip.

Our trip would most likely take place in March or April as flights are 
cheaper than in the peak of Spring or Fall, and it would be seven to eight days long (more if pto allowed for it).  Flagstaff, Arizona is the closet commercial airport to the Grand Canyon.  My idea was that we would fly into Flagstaff, rent a car and drive about 30 miles to then Sedona, Arizona.  Because most flights from my airports (Philadelphia or Newark) are connecting with at least one stop, we would stay the night or maybe two at a nice hotel, hotel or hotel in Sedona and rest after a long day of traveling.  When I say rest I mean, maybe we would get massages, enjoy a restaurant or two and enjoy the views. Sedona is about a two hour drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  The South Rim is open year round unlike the North Rim which gets snow in the winter.  
The Grand Hotel at The Grand Canyon is located in the South Rim and looks an amazing to stay, like a oversized lodge with comfy beds and amenities needed after long days of adventure.  There is a grand list of activities to do at once you have arrived at the Grand Canyon.  There are guided hikes, jeep tours, helicopter tours (!), mule rides, skydiving adventures, a float down the Colorado River and so much more.  There is even a wildlife park called Bearizona, where visitors can drive through a the 
park viewing bears in their natural habitat. 
I'd definitely want to hike endlessly and take a helicopter tour when we 
visit the Grand Canyon.  

Fun facts about the Grand Canyon:
About five million people visit the Grand Canyon every year.  The Grand Canyon at it's deepest is about one mile (1.6 km) and 277 river miles (446 km) long and up to 18 miles (29 km) wide.  Ninety percent of visitors visit the South Rim because it is open year round, is more accessible and has nicer weather conditions in the winter is Spring months (compared to the North Rim).   Elevation of the South Rim averages at 7000ft (2134 m) above sea level while the North Rim averages at about 8000ft (2438 m) above sea level.  The North Rim does not open until mid May most years due to colder weather conditions (snow).  From 'Rim to Rim' it is a 21mile (34 km) hike with vertical descents and climbs which is usually done in two or more days with overnight stays or campouts.  Summer nights in the Grand Canyon average at 100 degrees F (38 C)

Map and Facts via The National Park Service 

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