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by - June 27, 2017

Monte Carlo

Last June I was lucky enough to spend a day in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  My family and I took a Princess Cruise that had several stops, the third was Monte Carlo, Monaco.  The weather was great, blue skies sunny and a high of about 90 degrees F.  The port in Monte Carlo is not big enough for cruise boat so we had to take a tender (a small transporting boat) into the port where we practically walked right into the city.  Monte Carlo is gorgeous, it is so clean and new, most taxis are Mercedes and there is money dripping all around.  I'm not crazy about flashy things but Monte Carlo is special.  It glistens.  We went shopping because British Airways lost my mom's luggage and she needed everything.  While shopping I found Laudree and bought $50 worth of macaroons, so worth it.  The area in front of the Casino Royale was extremely packed with tourists so we did not attempt to go in the famous Casino.  Instead we sat down for a casual but extravagant lunch of rose, caviar and croque madames.  

After lunch we  found our way onto he public bus.  The bus was impeccably clean and buying tickets was very simple even for us non French speaking folks.  We took the bus northbound up a hill to the Palais du Prince (Prince's Palace), where again there were a ton of tourists but we took in the sites, took a bunch of pictures and really enjoyed ourselves.  The Palais is surrounded by the most beautiful homes and gorgeous winding street.  The streets are filled with little shops, boutiques and restaurants.   We bought keepsakes and wine while we walked down the windy street back to the port.  It was a long, hot walk but a beautiful one.  All in all it was a great day and I'd go back in a second.  Monte Carlo is a beautiful city full of life.  
Cafe de Paris Monte-Carlo

Editors note: Thank you for enjoying my pictures I am sorry they are not better quality, they are unedited because at the time I did not know I'd be posting them on a blog. 

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