Wedding Wednesday

by - June 07, 2017

Shopping is fun but wedding dress shopping is a 
whole new world of fun!

I know most girls dream of their wedding day and have the whole thing planned out in their head by the age of 18 or sooner and especially their wedding dress.  But that was not me. It's not that I don't believe in love because I do, I just never saw myself sharing my life with someone else.  I was happy alone and I have even traveled alone, a lot.  So I just believed that is how I was meant to live.  When I met my husband (online on OkCupid) it was a shock to me how well we fit together and next thing you know we were engaged.  And now I had to plan a wedding.  This was daunting for me and I put it off for as long as possible.  Our families are old school and we had been together for over three years and bought a house together but still hadn't gotten married.  This didn't sit right with our families.  

So I set out on my first task, to pick out a dress.  I figured that picking out a dress would be fun and would get me in the mood to plan a wedding.  It worked for the most part.  And even after I found 'my dress' I still found myself looking at wedding dresses, even to this day.  They are just so pretty!

I bought my dress with my mom and my best friend at BHLDN in New York City.   I fell in love with their website and editorials.  I think that they have a lovely, whimsical curated collection of dresses that makes it easy to find a special dress.  BHLDN recently collaborated with Jules Sarinana one of my favorite fashion bloggers (Sincerely Jules).  The editorial is so beautiful, it pulls at your heart strings.  

The dress I wore, the Dakota Gown, by Nicole Miller can no longer be found at BHLDN but I did find it here.  If I were to head on over to BLHDN again for a try on session these dresses are what I'd be trying on...

Well this one is obvious, it's a lacy, extra detailed version of the Dakota Gown.

This gown is tee-length perfection to me and the detailing is just too pretty and lady-like.

Simply amazing, the long sleeve is so classy and the back is perfection, if I had picked a date and a venue before the dress I might of gone with something like this.  October in the woods seems like a perfect setting for this dress or even the opposite how about a formal ceremony in a castle, resort, or vineyard.  This dress is the perfect late fall wedding dress.

I did try on a dress similar to this one and almost went with it which is funny because the Dakota Gown is the polar opposite of a full skirt flowy gown.  This dress in gorgeous and perfect for summer, maybe on a beach.

Helllooo... Jumpsuit!  Yes, yes, yes and yes.  Take me to court house and marry me.  Or maybe take me to San Francisco and marry me on the Golden Gate Bridge or let's put on some converse and hike up a mountain and marry me.  The pockets and waist on this jumpsuit seem perfectly placed so you can look skinny but eat, drink and dance all night.  I imagine some kick poses in the wedding photos.

This combination is beautiful, I especially love the high-low skirt that can show off a gorgeous shoe, maybe a Jimmy Choo?  I like the options that BLHDN has of separates.  

I leave you now with two more pictures from our wedding and a promise to talk more about weddings in general in the future.  I find them so pretty, joyous and interesting since everyone has different story.  

P.S. All of our wedding photos were shot by our amazing wedding photographer, Hazel Lining.  Steph from Hazel Lining is just too sweet and I now consider her a friend.

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