Wedding Wednesday

by - June 21, 2017

Wedding Wednesday!

When I look at our wedding photos it always makes me giddily happy to see our flowers and decor.  I am so glad my photographer captured every detail because I barely got to enjoy the flowers and decor in the moment.  Your wedding day flashes before your eyes as it's happening and it's very hard to take everything in.  The flowers and decor came out just how I had envisioned it.  The arch that my florist made was definitely one of my favorite details.

My husband and I had our wedding ceremony at Peace Valley Park in New Britain, Pennsylvania, a very large park surrounding a lake (Lake Galena).  We began going to Peace Valley when we started dating and still go all the time today.  We take long walks with our doggie, Bella, we have dinner time picnics and enjoy the sunsets, since they are incredible over the lake.

Once we had chosen Peace Valley Park for our ceremony we had to figure out the logistics of actually having a ceremony there.  The pavilion had to rented for the day from the Parks Department which entailed two different permits and a bunch of paperwork.  On top of that the pavilion we chose housed about fifteen extremely heavy and ugly picnic tables which needed to be moved and hidden, something I could not ask 'friends' to do.  So we hired wedding planner to help us with these tasks, Sharon from O So Inviting

 Choosing the ceremony location gave me the huge motivational kick I needed to start getting into planning the details of our wedding.  I began perusing the internet and Instagram for wedding inspiration.  Instagram ended up being my go to for wedding inspiration.  My favorite Instagram account for wedding inspiration was (still is) Style Me Pretty, which then lead me to their website which I visited an insane amount of times planning my wedding.  

After looking at a ton of photos of weddings that were similar to what I wanted but different at the same time, I decided I really wanted an arch that would compliment the back drop of the park.  Simple colors white and green.  My florist really got me, she understood my love for ranunculus, roses and garden roses and she could see my vision of all white, simple flowers for our simple wedding.  Nothing to grand just seeming natural.  

My love for florals will always live on, what I didn't know before my wedding is that now my love for arches will always live on.  After my wedding day had come and gone I continued to follow several wedding Instagram accounts and I found myself still enjoying the wedding photos, especially the florals and arches.  Here are a couple of my most recent favorites:

Website: Vo Floral Design

Website: Bow + Arrows

Website: Mazarte Floral

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