Apples, Peaches and my favorite white pants

by - July 27, 2017

and Sunglasses.

I live in Pennsylvania where it has been incredibly hot and humid for the last two weeks.  I love the heat but the humidity not so much, it just makes me feel dirty these days.  Thankfully the humidity let up earlier this week and my husband and I took advantage of the cooler temps to visit our favorite orchard, Tabora Farms.  We went peach picking in the orchard and ended up finding mostly apples.  The farm is pretty large and has a lot of different produce growing in different areas and also has a store that contains a bakery, a deli, a coffee shop and sells the farms in season produce.  The farm is really pretty and the store is incredibly cute, it almost transports you to what I imagine were more simple times.  After taking photos all over the orchard and the store we bought a baguette, corn and chocolate chip cookies.  The baguette is already gone, 
it didn't stand a chance, it was delicious!

I took advantage of the weather to wear my favorite white pants since I have been wearing shorts and airy dresses nonstop.  The pants come in several colors and stop just above my ankles, they have a light stretch to them that makes them extremely comfortable while giving off a crisp and tailored look.   I have the pants in the black floral color as well.  
The scoop back top is also comfortable and light and if you look closely you can see that the hem at the midriff has a sweet little frill trim to it.  I'm a sucker for 
a scoop back top I just love the look of them.  

It was a great evening trip to the orchard even though we were not successful in our peach picking.  We plan to go back and pick some cherries this weekend and attempt to find the area with the wildflowers and lavender.  I hope you enjoy the 
photos and thank you for reading!

Editors Note: My unbelievably amazing husband took all these photos on the iPhone.

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  1. Such a lovely location. You look beautiful!

    Kara Aragon