by - July 21, 2017

Are you an animal lover?  A dog lover?  A cat lover?  
I am an animal lover but more so a dog lover.  I adopted my baby girl, Bella about twelve years ago when I was twenty one.  And you know those bumper stickers on cars about adopting a dog... you know the ones that say 'who saved who?', they are SO true.

When I was twenty I moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Cleveland, Ohio for a job I no longer have and with a man I am no longer with.  It was pretty lonely.  In a new city you really have to work at it to make new friends and because of my job and my boyfriend and my own insecurities I wasn't making friends.  So I decided it was time to adopt a dog of my own.  I had a Siberian Husky as a family dog growing up, his name was Chico, I loved him dearly and had always wanted a dog of my own since I had moved out of my parents house and away from Chico.  Off I went looking for a dog to adopt on the internet and I found Bella.  Her photo was adorable and the posting said she was a small dog (which I wanted, it was around the time that everyone was getting little dogs because of Paris Hilton).  The way it worked in Cleveland at the time was that Bella was in a foster home with several other dogs, cats, birds and bunnies and that is where I went to meet her.  I remember pulling up to the foster home and seeing a bunch of bunnies in the front yard, I walked into the house and was greeted by a woman and four cats while birds were chirping like crazy somewhere else in the house, maybe the kitchen.  

Then I remember sitting at a table with the woman discussing the terms of adoption and then taking Bella home.  I remember that Bella first wanted to play with me and next wanted to snuggle with me, which an amazing feeling, like a home feeling.  And although she was not as small as promised I was not leaving there without her.  Since that day we have been inseparable.  Bella has been by my side for twelve years.  She moved from Cleveland back to Philadelphia with me and moved from apartment to apartment until I meet my husband and we bought a home.  A home with a yard... for her... I always promised her a yard one day.  Some people close to my husband and I say that one of the reasons he fell for me is because he loves Bella so much.  He is head over heels for her.  She makes our lives full of happiness and is always ready to play or snuggle.  I like to say that she is a professional snuggler.  

Bella is getting older and has been through a lot in the past year.  In previous years she has had yearly checkups at the vet and that's all.  But in the past year she had four front teeth removed because they had grown weak and unhealthy, she had a traumatic surgery to remove an unhealthy cyst that burst on her neck and she came home from the Pet Resort sick not once but twice while we were on vacation.  The second time being this last visit to the Pet Resort while we were in Greece.  She's just getting older and that's life, I am just grateful to have her in my life.  I know those pet owners out there reading this can agree, we just love our pets and would doing anything for them.  Bella has my heart. 

Being with Bella has made me happy, responsible, grounded and more sympathetic.  She has brought such a light to my life that it is actually hard to explain.  If you are thinking about adopting a dog or any pet, I say do it, you'd be amazed in what you learn about yourself or how a pet or dog can change you, for the better.  Thank you for letting me share this personal post and any questions about pet adoption, feel free to shoot them my way.
Have a great weekend!

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