Fragrances to Travel With

by - July 03, 2017

I purchase a lot of rollerball and spray pen fragrances for two reasons, they are great to travel with and they are a fun and a more forgiving way to pick out a scent.  I think I am not alone when I say that in the past I had thought I had made a good fragrance decision in store only to bring the fragrance home and dislike or get tired it.  Supposedly our skin absorbs fragrances differently and although we think we can get the gist of a scent by spraying it on a piece of paper in the store, when it combines with the oils of our skin it can have very different fragrance results.  Buying a 0.3 ounce rollerball or spray pen of a fragrance can not only save you money (just in case the fragrance does not work out) but they travel well, even in carry on.  Then while on vacation it is easier to travel with more than one scent.  The rollerballs and spray pens can fit in to your purse easier than a large bottle while traveling about during ten hour days of exploration.  And if they break your not as mad about it.  Don't get me wrong, I still buy full size bottles of fragrances that I like but now I always buy the rollerball version or spray pen version pen version first.  I just find the rollerballs and spray pens to be more convenient in decision making and for traveling.  

I am headed to Greece this Friday for ten days and I am taking four fragrances with me... why... because I can, they are only 0.3 ounces!  Below are the scents I'm bringing as well as the reasons why.

My husband got me the full size of Versace's Bright Crystal for Christmas present this past year, and oh man was he on point.  He went to the store and picked it out himself no clues from me, I had no idea what he might get me.  It's a beautiful light and fresh smell.  It literally smells pretty to me with scents of roses and amber.  Also it lasts all day without fail.  It's my favorite scent.

After reading about Chloe's other scent Chloe Eau de Parfum on the blog Somewherelately, on of my favorite blogs, I headed to Ulta to test it out on myself.  They unfortunately did not have the Eau de Parfum in stock but did have Love Story Eau de Parfum and I loved it right away.  It's floral again with hints of rose but has a little powder scent as well as orange.  It's a fresh scent that's not an over powering scent but not the lightest, one could definitely over do it with too many sprays.  

For me two words describe YSL's Black Opium, soft and sexy.  It's definitely a go to for date night.  It has a faint vanilla scent done in just the right way.  It's warm and deep without being sugary or overpowering.  I recently gifted it to my bother's girlfriend because she is the kind of girl who makes a guy look twice,  she strong but super feminine at the same time. 

CLEAN Shower Fresh $40
I bought this on a whim at Sephora one day.  It was hot out and I had done a million errands and when I tested this scent it smelled like I wanted to smell... clean and shower fresh.  It one hundred percent delivers on its promise of shower fresh, not in a soapy way but just clean, it also smells a bit citrusy.  Just the other day my neighbor said to me 'wow you smell nice' after I had put it on.  I love a good compliment about how I smell.  It is strong so a little goes a long way.  It does not come in a rollerball or spray pen anymore but does come in a one ounce size that can travel well, even in carry on.

What fragrances are you guys wearing?  Are any of these on your list to try?  I'm always looking for fragrance suggestions and opinions, since we all like different scents.

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