Travel Tuesday

by - July 18, 2017

Since I just came home from Greece Monday evening I figured I'd share how I packed for the trip.  To fill you in, if you haven't read some of my previous posts, I went on a Grecian Cruise with my family for eight days, seven on the cruise with on extra day in Athens at the end.  It was AMAZING!  

Packing for vacation has always come easily to me.  I guess it is because I plan ahead, like way ahead.  I make lists for the important stuff, which on this trip was my daytime outfits.  I basically needed two outfits per day, one for daytime activities and one for nighttime activities and dinner.  My daytime outfits were pretty much one wear and done, I could not really re-wear them.  I knew this would be the case to be due to the amount of activities we planned to do during the day and the heat.  It was hot!  At night we did things like sit out on our balcony and drink wine or go to the top deck for the sunset or eat dinner as a family.  So a lot of my nighttime pieces could be re-worn sine I'd only wear them for maybe four hours with light activity.  The cruise boat is air conditioned and the decks and balconies can be windy so I knew I'd need a couple light sweaters.  All of my things ended up fitting into my carry-on suitcase although I did not carry-on because my family checked their bags.  But it can be done, one can pack two outfits per day for an eight day trip in a carry-on.  I am proof of it.  And I actually overpacked, there are things that I packed that I never wore on the trip.  Below is a list of what I packed, a couple photos from the packing process and a couple outfit photos from our trip.

Four dresses
Two rompers
Two pairs of white shorts
Two pairs of lightweight pants
Two bodysuits
Six lightweight short sleeve tops
One black and white striped sleeveless crop top
Levi's jean cut-off shorts
Cut of black shorts
Three sweaters
One blazer (which I never wore)
Two black skirts (neither I wore)
Three bikinis
One white skirt
One pair of sandals
One pair of flip flops
One pair of espadrilles (from this post)
One pair of loafers
One pair on black closed toe stilettos (for a fancy restaurant that required closed toed shoes)

Pictured above: Blue and white stripped midi dress, beige short sleeve bodysuit, black top, white sleeveless bodysuit and lightweight floral pants.

Pictured above: lightweight white pants, black and white polka dot dress, white and black polka dot top and two pairs of white shorts.

Pictured above; grey and white polka dot romper, gingham ruffle romper (from last Friday's post) and Levi's cut-off's.

Pictured above; Vintage beige blazer, pick sweater, pink cardigan and black sweater.

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