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by - July 25, 2017

I know, I know I should be talking about health today.  But I really wanted to share this post with my readers today and promise to post next Tuesday about health.  Thanks for understanding.

While on vacation my husband and I always try to pick up some goodies for our home and some goodies for our families.  It's always a must for us and we love to have the sentimental pieces around the house.  So off we went searching while traveling around Greece earlier this month for goodies we wanted to bring home and gift to others.

The above photo is of a painting we bought in Mykonos.  It's absolutely gorgeous in person the blue are amazingly bright.  I just found a place for it leaning on our TV console, not hung, just leaning.  The windmills in Mykonos are an 'iconic feature' of the islands landscape and can be seen up on top of hill as a boat pulls into port.  I was extremely happy to find this painting after we stopped at the windmills and took a bunch of photos (coming soon).

Our first stop on our Greek Isles Cruise was the port of Katakolon, which is a very pretty and small tourist town, which is shut down when it is not tourist season.  The reason in visiting this post is that it is a twenty minute drive to Olympia, the home of first Olympic games.  After visiting Olympia my husband and I along with my brother and his girlfriend walked the cute streets of Katakolon which looked right out onto the ocean.  Since it's a tourist town there are a million shops and restaurants, so we did just that, shopped and ate. And here I bought my first of olive oil soaps.  I bought all four of these soaps that day, one for each of my two sister's in law, one for my mother in law and one for myself.  I bought on more soap on the island of Rhodes for my mother.

I also bought my first bottle of olive oil that day in Katakolon and two bottles of wine.  I continued buying olive oil at other ports we visited and a lot of wine.  The deal with Princess Cruises is that you are not allowed to bring any alcohol other than wine back onto the boat and you can only bring on one bottle per person per port without having to pay a fee ($15 dollar corkage fee for each bottle after your first two that day).  I saved the corks from all the bottles of wine we drank to have as keepsakes.  We had some nice wine and even a homemade wine from Kotor, Montenegro, one of the ports we stopped at.  In Kotor we bought six bottles of wine (one carried on by each person in our group) for a dinner we were having on my parents large deck catered by the private chef on the boat.  Following Kotor and our sunset dinner on my parent's deck was our day at sea which was also a good time to drink some of our wine from Kotor.  For me drinking local wine of somewhere you are visiting is as important as eating the local cuisine.

On of my favorite stops of the trip was the island of Chios where we took a couple taxi's out to visit the small town of Pygri.  The town is beautiful and the building of the town are all adorned in a black and white geometric pattern with balconies from where colorful flowers, tomatoes and garlic hung.  It was an unreal experience and on of the most photographic and interesting towns I have ever been to.  In Pyrgi I bought the tile below which is about seven and a half inches by six inches in size and now hangs on a wall in our home.  The souvenir shop I bought it at is called Manos Souvenir, they have a Facebook page (which I don't) so if you have Facebook look them up.  I also bought a bag of pasta from them.

In Mykonos I bought two adorable tee shirts for my two adorable nephews.  They are both turning three in just a couple of months so I bought the tee's a little big in hopes of the boys wearing them for two summers.  Our last stop on the Cruise was in Athens where we spent one extra day and stayed at the Hotel Grande Bretagne.  In Athens we visited the Acropolis of Athens and the Acropolis Museum, where my mother bought my nephews a book each.  The books are just too cute.  The museum is amazing and a must if you are Athens.  For me the museum was like the Moma, modern and bright but built on an archeological site and housing ancient artifacts.  It was a dream for me (I love museums).

I also brought home some small keepsakes and a couple of magnets from our travels in Greece that are not pictured in this post.  Be sure to look out for future Travel Tuesdays with photos and fun stories from Greece.  It was truly one of the best vacations of my life.
Thank you for reading!

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  1. I can't wait to visit the Greek islands! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I love that you colllected olive oils from different places :-)

    1. It was a wonderful trip! I have yet to open the olive oil, I'm waiting for special event or occasion. I plan to do a Greek food diary too in an upcoming Travel Tuesday, we ate soo well. Thank you for reading!