Wishlist Wednesday

by - July 05, 2017

Shopping at Forever21 is a lot like shopping at Marshalls, DSW, TJMaxx and Homegoods, your in it for the hunt.  I shop at Forever21 all the time and I have learned to weed out the good and expensive looking from the bad and cheap items.  I have also learned that when shopping at Forever21 online it's always good to read the reviews.  Below I have made a list of items I currently own and love that look a lot more expensive than they are.  I have also listed items that I want to buy or are in my cart after reading the reviews.

One Shoulder Top $15
I own this one.

Blush Cardigan $10 
I own this one.

I know so many people who own these slides and love them and rave that they are incredibly comfortable
I tried this dress on in store and it is gorgeous. The only reason I did not buy it is I don't look great in yellow.  I actually regret not buying it and might go back and get it.

These get great reviews.

I'm on a waiting list for the size small for this one.

This is in my cart.

I hope you enjoyed...
Happy Shopping!

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  1. Great picks I especially love that faux leather backpack, so cute!


    1. Thank you, I really like that backpack too it reminds me of a Chloe backpack that I am seeing on a couple of fashion bloggers. Thanks for reading!