Dressing Room Diaries

by - August 18, 2017

As I mentioned in Wednesday's Post my mother and I headed to King of Prussia Mall for a day of mother-daughter shopping.  We hit Nordstrom where I tried on some items and then we walked around the new section where the high end shops (Cartier, Louis Vuitton, YSL, etc), then crossed over to West Elm.  After buying some things in the mall we headed to Homegoods, we both love to bargain shop and the Homegoods closet to my house usually has an great selection of fun household items.  At Homegoods I bought a bunch of things for my master bedroom refresh and promise to share the items soon.

Also included in this post are a couple of items I recently purchased from Shein that are great quality at a budget price.  I've posted about Shein before and about how people seem to have mixed reviews about their quality, so I like test out some of their pieces for myself, luckily everything is returnable.  

I ended up purchasing this Asymmetrical Ruffle Top and I really like it.  My husband is on the fence about it and when I came home I realized I bought it in a size medium when I'm usually a small or extra small.  So although it looks great it could be a little more fitted and I might return or exchange it.  Any thoughts?

The jeans are the High Waist Step Hem Skinny Jeans which fit great other than the fact that they were too long.  The longer portion of the 'step hem' fell to my heel, not the way the are supposed to fit.  Short girl problems, I probably would have purchased these jeans if I was taller, they are soft, stretchy and on trend.  They are high waisted but not too high and hide any belly.  For $58 they are a steal.

This Wrap Top is the perfect transitional top for summer to fall.  Look how cute it looked with the white shorts I wore on Wednesday.  I can also imagine it with jeans or black pants, boots or booties.  I tried on the extra small, and could have been comfortable in the small as well.  For reference I am a small person, about 95lbs and 5'1 tall (short).  For $65 this top could get a lot of use, I did not purchase it but still think I might.

I don't know why but I cant seem to find this dress on Nordstrom's website.  I absolutely LOVE this white and black polka dot dress.  It's casual and dressy at the same time, long sleeved for any season and flowy and silky with tiny pleats.  I did not buy it because I just bought two new dresses (one was polka dot too) but I will definitely buy it if it goes on sale, because why not!?!  Hi Mom!

This Twist Front Dress comes in a maroon color too, which makes me happy I did not purchase the black version in store.  The dress is comfy and trendy but I have a ton of black dresses, I am going to order the maroon color for the holidays.

This little eyelet top is by Free People similar to this top.  I could not find the one I tried on in-store, online.  The jeans are by Rag and Bone, they fit so well in my legs, they are stretchy and soft and almost perfect.  I love the bow detail at the ankles, so cute, but they are low rise jeans which fall down on my body type and we all know a plumbers crack is not attractive no matter how cute you think you are.  But if you wear low rise jeans and are looking for a cute detail I highly suggest these jeans.

I just posted about these BaubleBar earrings in Wednesday's post and I have to tell you they are adorable.  They are even prettier in person then they appear online.

This embroidered top is $9 from Shein!!!  Yes, $9, mind you I have no washed it yet but it feels like a high quality 'Free People-like' item.  The floral embroidery is beautiful and the neck and arm details are dainty and cute.  I'm officially impressed.

This striped top is $14 from Shein.  It exceeded my expectations, it's a light boxy, drop shoulder fit that really looks great on anyone.  I could not be happier with this purchase.  Again I have not washed it yet but if it shrinks a little I would be ok, I ordered the size small.

Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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