Dressing Room Diaries

by - August 28, 2017

Happy Monday friends!  I have to apologize to the couple of readers who read this post on either Saturday night or Sunday morning.  I accidentally published this post before I was finished writing and editing it without realizing, sorry and thank you for reading.

On Saturday I went to my local mall with the intention of buying myself a couple cardigans and pants for fall.  The mall is pretty basic, no Nordstrom, my two favorite stores there are Forever21 and H&M.  So that's where I went.  I also went to DSW to check out boots.  I bought a couple things none of them being cardigans, pants or boots.  Although I found three pairs of boots I liked and might wait to see if they are on sale next weekend for labor day, if not I might order them online.  Here is my dressing room diaries from this shopping trip, I hope you enjoy!

I started at Forever21...
This sweater was on display right when you walk in the store, for a mere $14!  A deal of the day or week kind of item.  I grabbed it because I need a new boxy white sweater, I ruined mine last year (wine).  From what I remember it came in four or five colors, definitely white, black, pink and grey and maybe tan as well.  It's an extremely soft sweater  that passes for a more expensive sweater, I would have purchased it because it's a steal but the small was bit too big on me.  I am a small person, so this is common for me, small girl problems, for reference I am 5'1 and maybe 95 pounds.   If this had fit me a little better I would have gotten a lot of use out of it this winter.  A similar sweater from Forever21 can be found here and here

Just the other day, I was talking to an Instagram friend about where to find an off the shoulder top in grey.  And of course I found this one at Forever21 for $16!  It's ironic because my Instagram friend and I were looking at $50 versions of the same top.  The top is a thick sweater-like material and the off the shoulder detail stayed up on it's own when I dropped or moved my arms.  I slightly regret not purchasing it.  I ended up purchasing this similar version in black without trying it one and will be returning it because it falls down my back which looks weird and droopy.   Maybe it's made for girls with bigger busts?

You may know from previous posts, like this one, that I love wrap dresses.  This is a faux warp dress as you can not adjust the waist on your own, it is all one piece and I love it.  Not to sound vain but I think I do the dress more justice than the model, I feel that the model's photo shows a wide bust area with zero coverage while on me it fell almost perfectly around the bust, a little low and revealing but it's a date night dress or party dress so let that bust be free!  #freethenipple of sorts.  It also comes in pink, grey and black (I'm wearing the burgundy color).  I bought it in pink and burgundy because for $15 why not?!?  How cute would it be with over the knee boats or a pretty scarf or even the right cardigan and heels.  

These jeans are an amazing thick, lifting and 'sculpting' pair of jeans for $30.  They look better on the model than they do on me so now I'm back to reality.  I would have bought them but they came a little too high for what I am looking for.  The rise on these jeans is super high in my opinion and if that's what you are looking for I can see these jeans lasting for years and years of use.  The link I added is for a black pair.  I could not find the jean colored version I tried on, on Forever21's website.  But they do come in several ripped versions, herehere and here.

I am so happy I came upon this cute pink, ruffle sleeve tee.  It's only $9 and comes in white, olive and mustard as well as this pink that I purchased.   It is a little tight, I went with a medium which is very unlike me.  If you notice in this picture the edge of the sleeves are loose on my bicep, in the size small the sleeves were tight on me.  I wasn't crazy about how that felt and looked, so I suggest sizing up.  It's such a simple tee but the ruffles elevate the look, I will be wearing it all the time.  They also have this long sleeve similar top for $16 in ivory.

And of course while I was there I bought a hoodie.  Fovever21's hoodies are simple, lightweight and comfy.  I like to layer my clothing so it's perfect for me on these chilly nights leading into fall.  

This hat was $5 in store and came in several colors, burgundy, navy cream and another (sorry I forget).  The hats are not available in those colors and that price online but are one of Forever21's in-store deals, I think.  They sat on a table with a bunch of beanies for $3.  

And then went to H&M
If I lived further south or in California and knew I would be having a couple more months of warm fall-like weather I would have purchased these pants.  The waist details are very well done and the pants are thick with a hidden side zipper and pockets.  The color is cream with a soft tan stripe, so delicate and pretty.  I wish I had seen them earlier in the season.  I could not find the exact pair on H&M's website but the pants are similar to these.

Look no further for the perfect pair of weekend pants, these are them!  The pattern makes them look a bit dressy so I guess you could even wear them to work with a pair of loafers and a nice blouse or sweater.  These pants are made out of lightweight material and have an elastic waistband and are cuffed at the ankles.  And did I mention they have pockets and are on sale for $10 night now?!

The pattern on this blouse hooked me the second I saw it.  It's very romantic looking, almost Asian garden inspired in a muted navy color.  It also comes in white, khaki green, black, burgundy and pink with a floral pattern.  You have to take a look of the model rocking the black blouse, she wears it buttoned all the way up and looks incredibly chic.  The blouse could not be more perfect for $25, I really could see any style woman wearing this blouse.

Again I could not find this sweatshirt on H&M's website, but it's too cute not to share.  I have really gotten into items that are embroidered and what a beautiful way to upgrade a grey sweatshirt.  This one is similar for $30.

My husband was bummed that I didn't buy this dress.  He said it's the prettiest of all the items I tried on, who knew?  It wasn't on sale in the store but is on sale online for $18 and comes in green with small dots and white with black polka dots.  It is a sweet, flowy and girly dress.  I can see wearing it to Thanksgiving with the in-laws or with a blazer and heels to work.  The waist is truly flattering, cinching the smallest part and hiding a belly full or masked potatoes and wine.  Now, after looking at my photos I'm a little bummed too that I missed out on this dress.  The size two in this vintage pink color sold out online, of course.

This dress is not really my style which made it so fun to try on.  Although I wouldn't wear this corset tee-shirt dress I have seen it on others and really like their edgy look, maybe I'm not that edgy?  It would be particularly stylish and edgy with a pair of black over the knee boots.  On Saturday night I added the dress online to my cart and I think it went on sale on Sunday morning, because it's sold out.  Here is a similar dress for $35.  I also have seen people buying a tee shirt and corset separately and putting the two together, you'd probably get a decent amount of use out of the items as separates.  The look is fun, different and cool, but this dress did not come home with me.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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