Lucky Shopping Find

by - August 31, 2017

Over the knee boots have stayed current for longer than I expected them too.  I remember two seasons ago when I started seeing them everywhere, wondering how long the trend would last.  When the trend went through last season and we started seeing open-toed versions I knew the trend was more of a staple and started shopping for my own pair.  Last winter I bought two pairs of black suede over the knee boots and returned them because they wouldn't stay up, not even with jeans.  This might be a small girls problem of just an over the knee boots problem in general.  

As I mentioned in Monday's post I hit DSW on Saturday afternoon and tried on three pairs of boots that I loved but was still contemplating purchasing.  Saturday I went home and could not stop thinking about the over the knee boots I had tried on and what a great deal they were.  So of course on Sunday I headed back to DSW.  Thankfully they still had the boots and to my gleeful surprise they were marked down another 10 or 20% (sorry bad memory).  I scooped them up and ran to the register.  I told the friendly cashier that I was there yesterday... could't stop thinking about the boots... blah, blah, blah, and she told me a little DSW secret.  She said that shoes that have been on clearance on Saturday often get marked down even more on Sunday to hopefully sell asap and make more room for incoming shipments and other on the floor items that won't sell!  My boots must have been a return or one of the last of it's kind because they are Marc Fisher over the knee boots which are very popular and usually sell for $80 to $200 (or more).  I ended up getting them for 80% off and bought them and a pair of heels for a total of $45!  You can find the same exact boot here for $80, in selected sizes. 

Outfit details: 
Sunglasses: Similar
Scarf: SimilarSimilar and Similar
Sweater Dress (Tunic): SimilarSimilar and Similar
Similar Over the Knee Boots: herehere and here.

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