Travel Tuesday

by - August 08, 2017

Happy Travel Tuesday friends!  I'm very excited to share with you my first real post on the Greek Isles Cruise I went on with my family in early July.  The Princess Cruise traveled the Greek Isles embarking in and disembarking in Athens.  We flew from Philadelphia to Athens on a direct overnight flight and arrived in the late morning.  The arrival time was early enough that we could have spent the day exploring Athens before the cruise disembarked, unfortunately my husband and I were exhausted from not sleeping on the flight and decided to get some rest on the boat instead.  Plus we were staying an extra day in Athens at the end of the trip for a full day of exploring.  

The cruise's first stop was the port of Katakalon.  The closest port to the ancient ruins of Olympia, where the first Olympic games were help from 776 BC through 393 AD.  We booked a tour of Olympia, one of many shore excursions offered by the Princess Cruises.  The tour took us to the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and to the grounds where what left of the ancient ruins still stand.  The museum houses all the artifacts found in the Olympia ruins and boasts several statues, many of Gods and Goddesses such as Zeus, Nike and Athena.  The museum is incredible and the statues are so beautiful it is crazy to image they are thousands of years old dating back to 776 BC.  The tour guide was able to tell us many stories of battles depicted in the statues and about different artists and their affect on the culture in those days.  It was a perfect tour full of fascinating sites, details and stories.

The tour ended around one in the afternoon at which point our tour bus took us back to the port where our boat was docked.  The port is fifteen minute walk to the small town of Katakalon, which is a tourist town that closes down when tourist season is over.  We headed to the town to explore, in hopes of buying some local wine to take back on the boat with us for the evening.   Princess Cruises allows you to bring wine onto the boat, just not beer of liquor.  Katakalon is a charming little town, the streets are lined with orange trees and bright pink bougainvillea vines climb the exterior of the buildings.  We shopped, I bought wines, soaps and olive oil.  We ate at a quaint restaurant overlooking the water, where I had the BEST greek salad of my life.  The salad consisted of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, red onions, olive oil, some seasoning and a slab of feta cheese, the cucumbers were like none I have ever tasted, they were incredibly juicy and almost melon-like.  My husband ordered a deconstructed pork gyro that was delicious.  All in all it was a perfect day.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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