'Vintage' Rug

by - August 04, 2017

Buying a rug, especially a large rug, can be a very hard purchasing decision to make.  I've heard many stories of people buying and returning five or more rugs for a space before finally finding the right rug.  For me it took three rugs to find the perfect rug for our dining room.  I guess I should consider myself lucky.  I knew I wanted something neutral, so my first choice was a jute rug similar to this one, from World Market.  It didn't work out, it was a little to thick and shed a bit.  So I then bought a light colored woven rug, similar to this one, from West Elm.  I loved this rug, but it did not stand up to daily wear and tear because the color was too light.  Our dining room is in between the kitchen and the living room so there is a lot of traffic going through the space on a daily basis and even more when we have company over (which is often).  

After searching the internet I came across Rugs USA, the site has a large range of rugs, all sizes, shapes, colors and styles, at incredible prices.  I couldn't believe it when I found the site,  I actually ended up buying three rugs from the site, one for the dining room, one for my kitchen and one for the back door.  And I love them all.  My favorite might our dining rug, it is 'vintage' styled and never looks dirty, it's a great quality and soft on my bare feet.  My nephew, who is two, came to visit and spilled tomato sauce on the rug and it came right up.  There is not even a shadow of a stain, from the spill.  I could not be happier with our rug!  

This is the rug I bought,  it is the 7'6x9'6 size and pictured in all the photos in this post for reference. 
Here are five other similar rugs from the Rugs USA that I also think could have worked and look beautiful; onetwothreefour and five.

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