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by - August 23, 2017

Wedding florals is a wedding topic I get very excited about.  I am a lover of flowers and plants and love the added details beautiful florals bring to a wedding.  Florals can really set a mood.  Back in June I shared our wedding arch in this post.  Today I'd like to share with you the florals that were on our reception table tops and some very inspirational florals from some of my favorite wedding websites.  

Our wedding floral theme was all white, english garden, I wanted to keep the colors simple and understated but have the mood feel classic, warm and magical at the same time.  I greatly appreciate what our florist did for us and I loved our wedding flowers.  I would have our wedding flowers in my house everyday if I had my way, one vase for every room.  When I spoke to our florist she knew exactly what I wanted, she seemed to really get it.  Which is a tip I'd like to share, if you sit down with a florist or anyone contributing to the creative side of your wedding and they don't get your vision, walk away, this situation can cause a lot of stress and aggravation for a bride.  In a wedding post I read by The Skinny Confidential, she offered some other good advise for brides who know what they want.  She said not to look at the trends and just go with what YOU want and not with what's trendy, it's your day, let the day speak to your personality.  Since I had no idea what I wanted I looked at a lot of wedding inspiration websites and I don't regret it.  I was all over with vases, they honestly could have been anything neutral, we ending up going with wooden box vases, a slightly rustic look.  As of lately I have been seeing a real trend of garlands in the center of a wedding table replacing flowers in vases.  I love the look and might have done it if we had gone with rectangular table, we went with round.  The table shape and size was a detail I was not at all prepared to deal with.  Most weddings are held in a space that has a limit, so if you want a floral centerpiece with a lot of flowers you need a wider table.  Our wedding was small, less than twenty people.  The reception was held in a room that 'sat' 50 people but we had to consider a dance floor and room for the string quartet.  The room where our reception was held was longer than in was wide, so wide rectangular tables would not work.  We went with three staggered round tables.  If you told me a year before our wedding that I would have had to be making these small but important details I would have looked at you like you had three heads.  Lesson learned I guess?  

Since the fall wedding season is approaching I have been seeing a lot of color, even moody colors on wedding websites.  Since I didn't go with any color I like to see how the colors are incorporated in the wedding.  Like yellow sunflowers, too cool!  Enough, from me on florals, I could go on all day.  What are some of your dream wedding florals and floral colors?  Or what florals and colors did you have at your wedding?  I'd love to hear from you guys... Enjoy the photos!  

Our Wedding

Our wedding

Our wedding

Photo Via: Brides

Photo Via: Inspired 4 U

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Image Via: Brides

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Thank you for reading!

P.S. Instead of table numbers we went with table names.  We named our wedding tables after three vacations that were milestones in our relationship, Miami was our first trip together for my 30th, we went to Cabo San Lucas for my husband's 30th and we are obsessed with Tulum, it is a magical place.

P.S.S. Our wedding photographer was the lovely Steph from Hazel Lining.

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