Wedding Wednesday

by - August 09, 2017

Details, details, details.  Weddings seem to have a lot of details that can creep on you while planning a wedding.  Some details you plan way ahead when you first envision a wedding and some details are created during the wedding planning process.  Some of my favorite details from our wedding were the obvious; florals, wine, champagne, food and music.  But my FAVORITE detail from our wedding was the handmade napkins my mother made us embroidered with our initials in gold thread (SFK).

My mother was what you would call 'wedding crazy' (sorry mom).  She was so excited to throw a wedding and celebrate, she ordered wedding accessories from the internet and started sewing and creating small wedding details without my knowledge.  So I show up at her house one day, not to long after my husband and I had finalized our venue and sent out the 'save the dates' and she says to me "let me show you something upstairs, real quick".  Ok mom.  She had begun to practice our initials on napkins and asked me to pick which font I liked best.  I, of course, was surprised, over whelmed, happy and extremely grateful all in one moment.  Ha!  Talk about wedding emotions.

The napkins came out beautifully, she made enough for every guest attending our wedding, about twenty, we had a small, intimate wedding.  We decided that we wanted the napkins and the floral center pieces to be our party/ parting gifts to our invitees.  And here is where a new detail arose, since we had a string quartet and not a DJ we had to find a way of letting people know this.  I was going to write and print some cards on my own when I stumbled across menu cards from Minted that could be customized.  We used this menu card to relay our message and thank our guest for joining us.

The menu card read "As a small token of love and appreciation please take a flower arrangement from the centerpiece and your napkin, which was made with love by Margy.  Love Sharon and Kevin".

My husband and I both love and cherish our napkins and know how extremely fortunate we are to have my mother in our lives.  I think during the wedding process and even after when your looking back on your wedding, it is a great time to reflect.  Realize how much you are loved, how fortunate you are and find those little important details that make you happy.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'm sorry if I sound sappy, weddings will do that to a girl.
Thank you for reading and have a great Wednesday!

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