What Does Healthy Look Like to You?

by - August 15, 2017

Maintaining a healthy mind set or state of mental being is very important to me.  Life can be difficult and overwhelming at times, making it hard to stay healthy mentally.  Personally I have dealt with common difficulties that many of us face in our lifetimes.  Things like; the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, the loss of a job, dealing with the failing physical health of a loved one and feelings of personal failure.  Have you had to deal with challenges like these?  Most people I know have.  What I have learned from these past experiences makes me feel more prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead in life, so today I'd like to share what I do when I am feeling down. 

1. Get Outside for a Walk
This can be tough depending on the weather but I have found that even when I get outside in the dead of winter the fresh air can do wonders.  I would suggest a thirty minute, quiet, brisk, no looking at your phone and try to think about nothing.  Focus on breathing or where your stepping or on the surroundings, this makes it is easy to clear your mind and think about nothing.  A thirty minute walk can not only be beneficial for mental health but for heart health as well.  So go, get outside!

2. Pay Someone, Even a Stranger, a Compliment
Watching someone else's face light up with a smile will make you smile, it's fail proof.  It also can help you forget about what might be bothering you in the moment.  Sometimes I find myself looking for a reason to compliment someone or just to say something as simple as "how are you".  In todays busy world face to face contact, with a happy, casual exchange can be rare, so it's nice to initiate it.  

Image via: Your Tango

3. Cook Something With a Little Labor and a lot of Love
Cooking can help clear your mind whether you are a good cook or not.  Something as simple spaghetti with butter and garlic can bring you satisfaction.  Creating something from several ingredients and turning it into something yummy can relieve stress and tension through the energy it takes to cook.  Make sure to try and cook something your know you would like to eat.  For example, I LOVE cheese so making a four cheese macaroni can be very therapeutic for me.  

4. Listen To Music
No, REALLY listen to music.  Put down your phone, close your laptop and focus only on the music.  The other night my husband out on 'Accordion Music from Paris, France', he searched it on You Tube and let it play for about twenty minutes.  We both stopped what we were doing and just listened to the music, it was one of the most relaxing things I had done in weeks.  It was also very romantic (hint, hint gentlemen).

5. People Watching
This article explains in depth, why people watching is so therapeutic, I highly suggest reading it.  In a nutshell people watching is interesting, distracting, humerus, sympathetic and inspirational.  Just sitting in the park or at the mall, maybe walking with more observation in the grocery store, can ease your mind and rive your psyche.  I walk my doggie, Bella every morning and often go to the park at the end of my neighborhood, where I see a man doing some kind of prayer.  I see him on average once a week, he sits at a picnic table and faces outward holding his hands in the air and bending down and doing some other movements or stretches, it is so beautiful to see.  Watching him really brightens up my morning and makes me feel great!

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Thank you for reading, I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.  Feel free to comment below, I love to hear from you guys.  

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