Bathroom Reno - In the Works

by - September 15, 2017

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Happy Friday friends!  Are you guys looking forward to the weekend?  I am, my husband and I are headed out of town to my sister-in-law's house celebrate our nephew's 3rd birthday.  He's the 
sweetest boy and I have not seen him in a couple months so I'm ready to party, 
buses and trains style (he LOVES buses and trains).  

In other exciting and fun news my husband and I are planning to re-do our master bathroom, not the whole room, just the shower for now.  If you remember back to this post, I was dreaming of re-doing our guest bathroom, which we still have not done.  We decided that our master bathroom is much more deserving of a little love.  The issues with our bathrooms are that they were gutted and updated by the previous owners who flipped the house, just not how I/ we would have done it.  The bathrooms are essentially brand new.  The sink cabinets are a dark brown, where I would have preferred white and the tile flooring are large beige pieces where I would have preferred a smaller nice black and white tile design, even blue and white would have been nice or all white.  But the kicker is the showers were fitted with plastic!  So we asked Lowes to come out to take a look and give us a quote on tiling and framing our master bathroom stall shower.  Lowes asked that we have a couple photos of what we think we might like the shower to look like.  Simple and white would be great for resale but I'm starting to lean towards some more interesting designs.  
Here's what I have been pinning;

Image via: Pinterest
This is probably the way we will go but where the window is we will have a soap dish like this one:

Image via: Pinterest
Or this one:

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Becki Owens
Simplistic, marble perfection, probably a runner up when it comes to going all white.

Image via: Domino
I love the brass details but we would have to change out our sink faucet as well so maybe not the best option.  The black and white patterned back splash is stunning and with an unframed glass door it would look beautiful and hopefully would still be mainstream enough for resale.  

Image via: My Domaine
This green subway tile is giving me ALL the feels. It's moody and bright at the same time.  With the unframed glass door it would actually match our dark colored cabinets and the beige flooring.  I haven't showed it to me husband yet because I have a feeling he'll go gaga for it since I'm usually wanting all white everything.  I'll surprise him like a wild card maybe the night before we meet the contractor so he doesn't have time to convince me that this is it.  We don't have a window in the bathroom and that's where my only concern lies with this color.  

Image via: Becki Owens
This half moon tile is lighter in color than the previous photo but still just a interesting, I wonder how this would do in our market for resale.  The half moon is more playful than the rectangular tiles, unfortunately I don't think it would match well with our beige tile flooring.  

Image via: Domino
I saved this image to my phone after finding it on Instagram a couple years ago.  The flooring, the subway tile in the shower and the black framed shower door is a dream to me.  It's modern, rustic and clean, it's definitely my favorite from the list.  The open sink shelving is not may favorite, I have so much stuff under there, this would never work for me.

Any thoughts?  Is there one that you loved or one that you dislike?  I'm hoping to have a plan and execution date by next week, fingers crossed.
Thanks for reading and stopping by, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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