Detangle Me

by - September 25, 2017

The other day someone commented on my Instagram post that my hair is 'goals', which is an incredible compliment coming from any especially a complete stranger.  In my opinion my hair is definitely not 'goals' but has improved in recent years.  Lately its very manageable and air dries with simple, pretty beach waves.  I attribute this to the detangler I use, Renpure Coconut Water Mist Leave-in Treatment, which I buy at Target for $6.

I know that everyone's hair is different but I like this product so much that I can see it working for all different hair types.  For reference my hair is very thin and some of it is damaged from a poorly done self dye job a couple years ago.  It's medium to long in length and gets easily tangled (too easily).  I stopped using any heat on my hair about two or three years ago.  I simply wash and condition it in the shower and then when I get out of the shower I spray the detangler heavily all over my hair  At this point my hair is usually in big knots that a brush would have problems with but I don't take a brush to yet.  I wait about twenty minutes till my hair dries and then I work out some of the larger knots but don't put a brush all the way through my hair.  And that's it.  The other night I had a late night of work and blogging, I ended up showering late and going right to bed after spraying my hair down with the detangler, without brushing.  I woke up with untangled, nicely wavy hair, it was amazing.  I knew this product was good but that surpasses good.  Also all Renpure products are sulfate, paraben, dye, gluten, phthalate and propylene glycol free.  I've gone through a couple bottles of this Renpure detangler and don't ever plan on purchasing a different brands.  I've used other brands, good ones too but the price is the best, it's the healthiest for my hair and the environment and most importantly it delivers.  Hair flipping great!

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