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by - September 19, 2017

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Happy Tuesday friends!  The blog is having some technical difficulties, I don't know why my front page is so pink but I'm working hard to fix it.  Hopefully it wont't look like this for too much longer.  Thank you for baring with me and the silly looking front page for now.

Another twist, today's regularly scheduled Travel Tuesday post, is being postponed, sorry.  I had a busy weekend and was unable to devote the proper time too writing a post about Chios, Greece.  It's a spectacular island and deserves a well written post, so I'll be posting it next Tuesday.   Monday was rough so I decided distract myself with fun and interesting articles from around the web.  I also deep cleaned my house, for some reason that makes me feel so good, it's like therapy or a massage.   Here's what I read while snuggling with Bella and drinking hot tea, happy reading!  

Although football is my favorite thing to watch on TV when fall rolls around, I do look forward to a couple of my shows returning and the anticipation of new shows.  This article rounds up some shows that look very interesting, I'll probably end up giving most of the shows a try especially, Law and Order: The Menendez Brothers and American Vandal, I like crime shows. 

I didn't watch the Emmy's because they are not all that great in my opinion but I always like to see what the stars are wearing and how their hair and makeup is styled.  This year I was not wow'ed by any of the dresses but loved everyone's hair and makeup.  A lot of glowing skin and glamour looks.  My favorites were; Millie Bobby Brown, Rashida Jones and Claire Foy.  

Fall always seems to go to quickly so every year I try to get out and enjoy every second of it.  This list of free and cheap things to do in the fall season is on point!  I pretty much want to do everything on the list.

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Some weeks I tend to over do it with the comfort food dinners at our house.  I love comfort foods like, mac and cheese, risotto, grilled cheese and any cream based soup.  But it's just not good for the heart to eat like that every night.  This article has rounded up so many great adjusted comfort food recipes that I book marked it and I'm making up a weekend grocery list.  

I use toner and always have since my teenage years.  I didn't realize that so many people find toner unnecessary or even harmful, I swear by it.  If your confused about toner and the toner debate, this article is a great read with a lot of helpful suggestions.  

I know, I know, it's too early to be thinking about decorating for Christmas.  But it's one of the best things about Christmas.  I'm really not into the whole gifts thing but I love cheerful Christmas decor.  It simply makes me happy.  I'm hoping to step it up this year with even more sparkle!

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First off how pretty is Brooke's kitchen?  It's a dream  I love my kitchen but hers takes the cake!  Her suggestions on how to keep a clean house are spot on, in my opinion.  It's a great read, especially for those looking for tips or struggling with this.  She's a mom of two so this isn't just for the childless ladies like me who are neat freaks.  

I've had some very small fridges is some of my studio apartments of the past and could have really benefitted from some of these ideas.  I use binder clips for some of my bags of veggies, like spinach and carrots.  The binder clips are a tighter hold than most kitchen clips you find at home stores and they keep your veggies fresh longer.  

Any thoughts on the sock boot?  I'm seeing it everywhere lately and don't own a pair.  I think they look cute but I'm not sold, can you wear socks under them?  

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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