Master Bedroom Updates

by - September 21, 2017

You might remember from some of my previous home decor posts, like this one , that I mentioned that K (my husband) and I are updating our mater bedroom.  We moved into our home in December on 2015 and have made many updates to the rest of the home but left the master bedroom for last.  The list of changes that we're attempting to accomplish is as follows;

Add a headboard to our king size bed
Replace grey curtains
Replace nightstands with these from West Elm
Replace dresser with this one from West Elm
Hang two identical mirrors over new nightstands (like this)
Make a gallery wall of art and photos to the right of the TV
Replace brown leather chair with something larger and lighter in color

When we returned home from our trip to Greece in July we decided to start to tackle this list.  We decided to buy a headboard over an actual bed like this one because our bedroom is long and narrow and we need the extra walking space in front of the bed and for storage reasons.  With a bed I wouldn't be able to have boxes underneath because they'd be visible with a headboard I have a bed skirt and tons of organized container under there.  We purchased our headboard from Wayfair for under $500, it was steal and is exactly what we wanted and needed.  The quality is great and the assembly was easy.  I can not say enough good things about the headboard and I'm not alone, it had over 200 reviews on Wayfair and get 4 1/2 stars out of five.  I'd give it 5 stars.


Before with white curtains


We then bought the night table and dresser from West Elm during a recent Buy More, Save More Event.  This was easy, we've known for a long time that this was the furniture we wanted we were just waiting for this sale, it saved us a couple hundred dollars, so now I can buy more shoes.  The dresser was delivered on Tuesday but the nightstands won't be delivered for another couple weeks, I will have another bedroom updated post then.  We haven't started shopping for mirrors but will when the nightstands arrive and then we will move on to finding a new chair.  So far the most difficult task was finding curtains that we liked.  We returned three sets of curtains before we landed on the final ones.  The problem was finding a color/ pattern that worked, we started with our grey curtains than switched to white curtains and then went with horizontal stripes.  The curtains we landed on are from Homegoods, similar to these and were a deal for $30-$40.  All in all we are very happy with the updates and are excited to continue to turn the room into a chic, relaxing space.

New dresser

New medallion curtains

New medallion curtains

Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Editors note: In the final bedroom update post I will tag all my bedroom items, like the bookshelf, the chair (before and after), the lamps, the quilt and pillows.  Since these photos were taken we replaced our accent pillow from the brown furry on two a grey velvet one, which I love.  

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