The Best Budget Jeans

by - September 11, 2017

Another weekend gone too quickly.  Did you guys have a nice weekend?  I most certainly did, the weather here in Pennsylvania is pretty much perfect, sunny, clear blue sky's and in the 70's.  It has me feeling thankful since Hurricane's Harvey and Irma have left so much devastation in their wakes.  At the end of this post I have added a couple links for where to donate for the hurricane victims. 

I am the kind of girl that lives in jeans, especially in the winter.  Unfortunately, a nice pair of jeans can be expensive and many budget jeans are constructed cheaply or are unreliable in their fits.  My all time favorite budget jeans are Top Shop's Jamie High Waist Skinny Jeans, they cost $70-$110 regularly and you can often find them on sale for $30-$40, like these at Nordstrom.  Not only is the price much more reasonable than those $150-$300 jeans but they fit just like expensive jeans.  They are high waisted but actually hit me just below the belly button and tuck in my belly along with giving my butt a lift.  I don't have much of a butt but these jeans make it look like I do!  They are stretchy, soft and comfy and come in a bunch of styles and sizes.  I love them in black, for a dressy look.  In all honesty I can not say enough good things about these jeans, I love them.  I'm wearing a size 24x30, I bought them last year when I was a little thinner and even though I have filled out a little since then they still fit well because of the stretch.  They also have a nice narrow ankle that looks great with booties and tucks into high boots without bunching up.  

Outfit Details:

Links for Donating to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma:

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