Travel Tuesday - Chios, Greece

by - September 26, 2017

Finally... it's Travel Tuesday!
You may remember from some of my previous posts (like this onethis one and this one) that I went on a Princess, Greek Isles Cruise with my family back in July.  It was amazing and I am slowly sharing each island that we visited.  Chios, Greece, a kidney shaped island, was the third port that our ship docked at after a day at sea.  Before we embarked on this cruise I did a bit of research on all the islands so that we could attempt to plan our days.  The cruise offers large group excursions that takes you to multiple sights which we took to see Olympia but did not want to take for Chios, Mykonos or Athens.  The excursions are nice but it's also very fun to immerse yourself into the culture of the island by interacting with taxi drivers, locals and shop owners.

After I read this article I knew that I wanted to visit the town of Pyrgi.  I explained Pyrgi to the rest of my family they were all in.  Pyrgi is a small town often called the 'painted town' because the buildings are decorated with black and white geometric patterns.  As a family we discussed my research and decided to get off the boat very early with the intent of either taking the public bus to Pyrgi or taking a taxi (actually two taxi's, we were a group of six).  We could not figure out the public bus situation and played it safe, taking taxi's to Pyrgi.  The taxi drivers were sweet and easy to communicate with but very serious about punctuality, when they returned us to the port I learned why.  Our agreement with the taxi driver's was that they would take us to Pyrgi (a 25 minute drive) and they would wait for us for an hour while we walked around.  There are no taxi's in Pyrgi that aren't waiting on someone.  The drive to Pyrgi is beautiful.  You drive out of the port, called Chios Town, through the country side of old stone homes and windmills, passing the Mastic trees.  These trees are indigenous to Chios, they produce a sap that is turned into gum on the island and is used worldwide in medicines, dental products and culinary products.  When we sat down to eat they brought us complimentary Mastic liqueur shots which were very sweet.  I think my mom bought a bottle of the liqueur for her home.   I've broken up my photos into three categories; Pyrgi, the drive and Chios Town.  I hope you enjoy!

Photos from Pyrgi

How cute is my mom and her hat and Keds sneakers!!!!!

Photos from the drive to and from Pyrgi

When we returned to Chios Town from Pyrgi there were no taxi's at the taxi stand area which was packed with taxi's first thing in the morning.  These guys were busy.  Our taxi driver was explaining to me that there are only so many taxi's on the island and that's why there are none in Pyrgi.  Chios Town is the port and sits on the water, it has a lively main strip full or bars, restaurants and shops.  We sat down as a family and had a delicious meal of Greek salads, grape leaves, fish, squid and several cheese filled pastries.  We then wandered Chios Town which is mostly apartment styled living, shops and restaurants, it also has a castle and a castle wall which encloses more bars, restaurants and shops.  After two hours of wandering my family headed back to the boat while K and I went to the main strip for one more drink (story of my life).  It was a hot day but we powered through as a family and really enjoyed ourselves.  I still can not believe I visited this beautiful island with my lovely family (#blessed).

Photos from Chios Town

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