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by - October 19, 2017

I had a fun try on session at Target this past Monday and took a bunch of photos to share with you guys.  My Target recently got a makeover and looks very modern... has your Target gotten a makeover?  I read that Target is slowly re-doing all their stores to attract a more customers because they saw a decrease in sales.  That seems crazy to me... have people stopped shopping at Target?  Because I'm there every week.  

I generally buy a lot of home items at Target, I've always loved their home collections, but I don't often buy clothing until the release of the Who What Wear Collection in February of 2016.  I've been visiting the website, Who What Wear for years, along with it's sister websites, Byrdie and My Domaine, I go to them daily for advise, fun articles and inspiration.  When the collection hit stores I thought they did a great job but only bought two items.  Recently I have been walking by their new fall collection thinking 'Oh!  I want that!  I need that!' and the try on session did not disappoint.  Along with pieces from the new Who What Wear collection I tried on some things from their newest line, A New Day, you might remember I wrote about it in this post.  I was really impressed with the softness and quality of everything from A New Day.  Their sweaters are so soft.  And did I mention they're nice to your wallet?  I tried on mostly sweaters since it's 'sweater weather' season.   Everything I'm posting today I liked enough to buy and some pieces I loved so much I'm not regretting not buying them, I also found a splurge vs save sweater in the mix...

I hop you enjoy today's Dressing Room Diaries!
P.S. I think Target is currently having a buy one get one sweater 50% off sale

This sweater is by A New Day, which means it super soft (all their sweaters I've touched are so soft), it's thick, it has pockets, it's beautiful.  

This sweater is by Who What Wear and I fell head over heels for it.  The sleeves puff out a little at the wrists, the stripes wrap all the way around the back and its in credibly soft (sorry you're going to hear that word a lot).  The reason I didn't buy it, is because I own so many striped tops, but I'm 90% sure I'll be buying this soon.  

This pullover by A New Day is simple and pretty with the floral embroidery on the sleeves and a little zipper at the back of the neck.  This isn't my style but it's a steal at that price.

A couple of Mossimo pieces snuck in, this is one of them.  I could see my mom is this, it's cute and fun, just like her.   It also comes in navy and gey.

Another Who What wear piece.  Look at the detailed sleeves!

I bought this one, it's also by Mossimo.  It has the sweetest little ripple details at it's hems. I'm thinking of styling it with a tan suede skirt and otk the boots for a shoot... tbd.

I don't anything in this rust color so I'm regretting not taking this sweater home with me.  It's by A New Day (soft) and would be perfect for cold winter days.  

Another A New Day Sweater, I like it best in the grey color.  And I love that the animal print in all over, including the back.

I can not believe this is a Mossimo sweater, it looks identical to this one by Leith that sells for $59 at Nordstrom.  It's an incredible dup at more than half the price, it's comfy and soft.

And another great dup by Mossimo.  Identical to this one sold at Nordsrtom for $59.  

One more Mossimo piece just for good luck.  This mixed pink sweatshirt reminds me of a mixed sweater from Loft that I tried on in this Dressing Room Diaries.

This Who What Wear varsity bomber mixes tow huge trends from this season, plaid and bombers.  It's perfect for these fall days.

I think this jacket either appeals to you or not, there is no in between with a jacket like this.  It screams Michael Jackson or Latoya, right?!  It's by Who What Wear.  I think it's perfect for the office, for the fashion girl looking to up her look at a low price.

Yes $35 for a this lovely wine colored, faux leather moto by A New Day.  It even has a removable faux fur collar.  It's a steal.

I almost bought this Who What Wear bag in black on Monday but I'm glad I didn't because I like it so much more in this beige color.  It's beautiful quality and a perfect size.  

Sorry I tried these Who What Wear mules on and forgot to take a photo.  They make your foot look so sexy, I can't decide which color to get.  I think I could get a lot of use out of these in the spring.

And a couple shots of the new Target dressing room's;

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