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by - October 13, 2017

It's Friday... happy dance!
I have to apologize, the blog had some serious technical difficulties that began Wednesday morning and were not resolved until late Wednesday evening.  Did anyone notice?  It was very annoying and time consuming which is why you didn't get a post from me (that I promised in Tuesday's post) about the town of Tannersville, New York.  I'll be posting it next Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading Tuesday's post.  It was such a fun trip and I couldn't wait to share it.  The above photo is of my current coffee table setup, including two goodies I grabbed while on that trip.  The birch branch piece is real!  I snagged it while we were hiking and the candle I purchased in town and boy does it smell amazing.  Thankfully the little shop has a website, Eco-Lite, the fragrance I'm enjoying is harvest moon.

In the spirit of fall, being thankful and travel I have rounded up some great reads from around the web.  Some are newbies, some are a little older they're all interesting and fun.  A great way to ease into the weekend.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Swoon-Worthy Treehouse Destinations That Are Gorgeously Chic Inside
You have to see these!  I know I just got back from a getaway but this article is giving me serious wunderlust.  A vacation stay in any of these treehouses would be a dream.  Speaking of vacations and getaways, on of my favorite bloggers, Helena Glazer of the Brooklyn Blonde also headed to upstate New York for a two day getaway and blogged about it here.

Image Via: Domino

How To Make Pumpkin Flower Arrangements For Fall
I'm making these for Thanksgiving.  It's such a simple idea that packs a big punch and can work with any size pumpkin.  You could even do this arrangement in a squash for a table setting.

The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal and How to Maintain One
I have been reading a lot lately about writing a gratitude journal and the benefits of writing a gratitude journal.  I started last week and will write a post about it in a month or so.  This article is a great outline on why and where to start writing a gratitude journal.

Will & Grace, despite what NBC says, isn’t the same show that ended 11 years ago. Good.
Are you watching the revival of Will and Grace?  I haven't seen it yet because I am watching all of the original episodes first.  I started almost two weeks, I am on episode one of season 7, there are 8 seasons.  But that doesn't mean I haven't been over curious and already reading reviews.  This review from Vox got me even more excited to watch the new episodes and form my own opinion.

Image Via:NBC

My Approach Towards Candles
For the candle loving ladies and guys, this post from Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is so helpful.  In this post she shares my all time favorite winter candle that can be bought on Amazon.  For Prime members, that means it will be at your doorstep in two days and you'll be well on your way to holiday fun!

The 36 Best Halloween Films On Netflix
Yes!  Time to cuddle up grab the hubs and stick my face into a pillow for half the movie.  Ha!  I'm so afraid of everything and will have nightmares after a scary movie but I still want to watch them.  The first on this list that I am dying to see is Zodiac, did you see it?  I hear it is so creepy.  I actually can not believe that all 36 of these movies are available on Netflix, it's a great pre-Halloween selection of movies.

Image Via: Harpers Bazaar

20+ Sophisticated Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas
Did someone say Thanksgiving?!  I'm obviously excited to host Thanksgiving.  I'm already planning a menu and table decor.  This was the first article I read with some great Thanksgiving table decor ideas.  I think in a later post I'll round up my top 10 to 20 favorite Thanksgiving table ideas from around the web, you know Pinterest is on top of this too.

Image Via: Elle Decor

International Medical Relief
Give to the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund
These two sights are trusted organizations that you can donate to help the victims of hurricane in Puerto Rico and the fires in Northern California.  The people of Puerto Rico are still in need, most without electricity, this means those patients in the hospitals relying on electricity for medical help are not getting treated.  And the fires in Northern California have left many homeless.  Any little bit helps in these tough situations.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
xxoo Sharon

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