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by - October 20, 2017

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Happy Friday friends!  Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner... 11 days.  September flew by and now October is too.  Do you guys have any fun Halloween plans?  We have a good amount of children in our neighborhood and I love to see their little cute outfits.  It's always funny how shy the kids are asking for candy, even the older ones.  I've included a bunch of fun Halloween bits from around the web this week to get you ready for the holiday.  Is Halloween considered a holiday?  I think so.  My favorite holiday is New Years.  Don't get me wrong I love all the fall/ winter holidays but I really love the happiness that surrounds New Years that almost glitters.  Halloween is great because it's feels like a kickoff to the fall/ winter holidays and it's a fun, easy way to get in the holiday mood, decorating and eating sweets.  What is your favorite fall/ winter holiday?  My guess Christmas would take the lead in a pole.  I'm sure with the way time has been flying by Christmas will be here in no time too.  I'm working on some new content for the blog; outfits, decor and a new bedroom update (see this post), but for now please enjoy this week's 
'From Around the Web'.

Oh... you're welcome for all of these cuties.  Do you have a dog?  Do you dress them up for Halloween?  Bella won't stand for it, but maybe this year (I think I say that every year).

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And if cute doggies in funny Halloween costumes wasn't enough for you... babies!  You're welcome.  And if you have a baby I plead to you please dress him or her up for Halloween and come to my door tick or treating.  My nephew, who just turned three, dressed as a doggie last year and called Bella on Skype to show her his outfit (heartbreaking emoji).

The transition from summer skincare to winter skincare is ahead of us.  Often skin starts to become dry and look dull in the winter, so why buy expensive products when you can make all natural, organic skincare at home.  This blog has a great compilation of homemade scrubs for glowing skin.  I've made the coffee scrub several times, coffee has several skin benefits and the recipe is so easy.

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Say what?  I swear when I was in Barcelona partying all night at some of their wild clubs, that my Spanish what at it's peak.  K also a little more adventurous with his Spanish when we are in Mexico having a couple Tecates on the beach.  Before reading the article I thought, yeah this makes sense because people who worry about mispronouncing something or people who get embarrassed when trying to speak a new language are less likely to feel that way with a buzz that makes you feel like all is good.  Mas vino por favor?

With all the media attention surrounding sexual harassment (which I feel is much needed) this video from Samantha Bee pokes fun at and clarifies appropriate behavior for men in the work place.  There are a lot of idiots out there who might need the clarification. It's a must watch.  Samantha Bee is just hilarious, good, dry humor.  And with this I'd like to say thank you to the many lovely men I know who would never fall into this idiot category, including K, my dad, my bother, my father-in-law and both of my bothers-in-law.

Cary Grant might be one of the most famous, talented and iconic male actors of all time, in my opinion.  I feel in love with him after watching Charade where his costars alongside Audrey Hepburn.  And of course there in North By Northwest, if you haven't seen it please do, it's spectacular.  It hits all the marks for me in a good movie, it's thrilling, romantic, funny, it has a great storyline and the fashion is on point.  I digress, Cary Grant's Palm Springs property is now for sale.  Allowing us mere mortals to view his palace which includes four separate residences and hundreds of palm trees.
Image Via: Town and Country

For those mothers who expecting or for those of you dreaming of babies, here is a list of beautiful, different names, without being too weird.  I love the name Rosalinde.  The line between names that are different but still approachable and different but sorta crazy seems to be getting thinner and thinner each mating year.

Even if you're not throwing a Halloween party these spooky/ gross treats are fun too look at.  These rice crispy brains are genius, I would not be scared to eat them.  But the mice, I don't know, that's kinda freaky.  Could you eat fake mice?  I guess we eat those fake bunnies around Easter.  Is that different because bunnies are somehow cuter than mice?  Is it just me?

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.
xxoo Sharon

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