My Morning Skincare/ Makeup Routine

by - October 31, 2017

I am not a morning person and no matter how hard I try I can not seem to change that.  But I have perfected my morning skincare/ makeup routine.  In ten minutes or less my routine turns me from a sleepy head to a fresh face, ready to take on the day.  

I can't talk about my morning routine without mentioning my nighttime routine.  Every night I wash my fash, use a face serum and use an eye cream.  Four nights a week I exfoliate really well after I wash my face.  Since I do the heavy duty skincare at night I keep it simple in the morning and I don't wash my face.  My dermatologist told me that my nighttime serum keeps working during the day if I don't scrub it off and I use a SPF.  So instead a washing I dab my face with this toner using an organic cotton ball.  Some people say that toner does nothing or is a waste, but I love this toner, it's simple, natural and alcohol free.  I like the way it makes my face feel; fresh, clean and it has a calming affect.  This SPF I use is a non-greasy formula that soaks right into my skin, I apply it all over my face and neck.  Tip, a little goes a long way.  It's important to me to use SPF every day even if my face doesn't see the sun.

Next it's time to cover those dark circles under my eyes and even out my skin tone.  I dab this Nars concealer under my eyes, in the creases of my nose and on any blemishes or dark spots I may have.  The shade I use is 'Ginger'.  I usually blend it in with my finger tip or sometimes a beauty sponge.  If you haven't heard of this Nars concealer before you might be living under a rock... joking of course, but this Nars concealer is huge in the beauty world.  I swear by it, it is my holy grail product.  If you Google "Best Concealers" this one is on all of the lists, I promise.  After I get my skin all evened out I fill in my brows with this brow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills, my shade is 'Medium Brown'.  I've used many brow pencils over the years and this one is my favorite, I will never buy another one, no need, this is it.  It's another beauty product that is popular in the beauty world.  I put it one lightly as not to have heavy looking brows and it looks natural, I doubt even my mom notices I fill in my brows (do you mom?).  

Finishing touches... I use this lipstick by Burt's Bees in the shade 'Nile Nude' and then I curl my eyelashes.  I love all Burt's Bees products because they are paraben free, sulfate free and have natural ingredients.  This lipstick moisturizes my lips so much that I don't need chapstick, it goes on creamy not matte but not shiny either.  Since I have darker skin, I'm Puerto Rican, this nude color almost gives off a touch of pink on me and softly brightens my lips.  I have to curl my eyelashes because they literally point down.  Once I curl my lashes I finally look awake, it's wild.  I've gotten lash extensions in the past and loved them but K didn't so I haven't gotten them again.   Having lash extension allowed me to by pass curling my lashes and using mascara.  I don't use mascara regularly but when I do I use this one, it helps lengthen and curl my lashes.

And that's it!  Out the door I go.  
I hope you enjoyed, thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Your skin looks amazing and you have such a good routine! I find it hard to get into a routine, but I've realised that its very important to have a good routine to have great skin!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read, maybe we can follow each other on social media?

    Deepti xx

    1. Thank you Deepti! I agree it's hard to get into a routine and keep it. I'd love to follow you on Instagram, I'm heading over right now to find you.
      Have a lovely day!

  2. Love these tips girl! Using a toner instead of washing my face in the morning is a great tip and I'm sure is a little faster for those times when you're trying to get out the door!
    Such a great post!
    M Loves M

    1. Thank you Mara! I love that you stopped by it was really sweet, I'm a huge fan of your blog, have a lovely evening!