What Does Healthy Look Like to You? - Gratitude Journaling

by - October 24, 2017

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I started keeping a gratitude journal about three weeks ago, have you heard about gratitude journaling?  I mentioned it in this post along with a link to an article about the benefits of gratitude journaling and how to start.  I started my journal a little different than the article suggests, instead of journaling at night for 15 minutes I journal first thing in the morning for 5 minutes.  I keep my entries basic, sometimes only a line, maybe four.  Things along the line of "My brother is so happy and healthy.  I haven't seen him this happy and healthy in years and it makes me happy" or "Bella hiked a lot this weekend, sometimes I'm surprised she's 13.  I'm so lucky to have her in my life"  or my most simplistic entry so far "the way he (meaning my husband) laughs".  

These entries, along with my morning stretches (see this post) have really changed my mornings, so much that I had to share my experience.  I wasn't planning on writing this post so soon, I was planning on journaling for at least a month before sharing with you guys and I still plan on writing a follow up post or two after I get some more journal time under my belt.  What I have learned is that starting my day with a simple positive note helps me to maintain positivity throughout my day.  I usually laugh or smile or shake my head while I journal and think about my family, friends and life in general.  Also instead of reaching for my phone first thing in the morning I reach for my journal, I keep it in my night stand.  Some mornings when I'm not really awake yet it takes me a minute to form a thought, those are the fun mornings!  What happens is I'm so tired that I'm almost brain dead and I remind myself, "Sharon you have to grab your journal... what are you writing today?".  Then it's like a light bulb turns on and I think about the millions of things I have to be thankful for.  "Come on Sharon!!  Pick one!"  On days like this I'm almost flooded with gratitude and since I am only writing about one point of gratitude there is a lot of left over positivity.  Generally this positivity makes me a nicer, happier and less judgmental person throughout my day.   It's hard to admit but I am guilty of being judgmental sometimes.  Recently I've been saying hello and smiling to strangers on my afternoon walks, having silly conversations with my neighbors, ending my short work conversations with "have a nice day" and I don't let someone else's bad mood affect me (usually at work).  

I am excited to see how my gratitude journaling progresses and to see how it affects my winter morning moods.  This is just my basic first refection and I'm not a mental health professional, in my opinion gratitude journaling has amazing positive affects on my psyche and I'd suggest it to anyone.  Especially those struggling with any aspect in their life.  Consciously thinking of different things to be grateful for every morning is a wonderful start to the day.  

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  1. Such a great way to start your morning! I am snoozing my alarm 15 times and racing out the door - oops!!
    The Sarcastic Blonde