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by - November 10, 2017

Happy Friday everyone!  
I hope you all had a great week.  This week has gone by pretty fast for me which is a nice change from the normal weeks that seem to drag on forever.  On Wednesday I had to get a strange noise in my car fixed which took over two hours.  A fun way to spend my day off (rolls eyes).  Luckily my car shop is in the mall with a Starbucks, so I went prepared with my laptop.  I ended up stopping in a couple stores before hunkering down to work of some fun gift guides for the holiday season.  I already know what I am getting everyone in my family, I basically know every year ahead of time.  I have some tough people to shop for.  But I have to thankful to those tough people I have to shop for because they make me think outside the box and now I'm pretty good with gift giving.  I'm excited to share the guides I came up with you over the next couple of weeks so keep your eye out for them.  As I mentioned I stopped in some stores at the mall on Wednesday, Forever 21 was one of them.  They have a great selection of beanies right now for great prices.  I bought this one in grey and plan on buying more.  You can check out their whole beanie collection here, I'm not crazy about the beanies that have two poms like ears but I'm really liking this one with the bow in pink and this embroidered one.  And incase your wondering why I began this Friday's post with a silly beach picture, I posted my travel diary from Mykonos, Greece yesterday, check it out here.

I hope you enjoy this weeks round up of fun and interesting article from around the web!

Life Lessons From a 100-Year-Old Runner
You have to watch this sweet video of Ida Keeling, a 100 year old woman and runner.  And check out her Instagram too.  She has so many words of wisdom is this short video it is amazing and inspirational.  She is goals, real life GOALS.  Her reaction the interviewer's question about society and it's pressures is so good, she answers in such a way like, girl I'm 100 and I love myself I don't care about society and it's pressures or being compared to a man.  Love yourself, take care of yourself and on't give up, thank you Ida!
Image Via: Instagram

Why Daydreaming Is Productive
Science once again coming to the rescue to reaffirm things that many believe to be untrue.  It's ok and even good to daydream, disconnect and transcend.  Even more so it can be productive.  I am a big day dreamer and even visualize and talk about day dreams.  They don't need to be reality but they are fun.  After visiting France last year, I used to day dream of having a home in the French country side where I'd make wine and cheese and sell it in a little near by town or trade it for other goods, you say I'm crazy, I say I'm a day dreamer.  

10 Stunning All-inclusive Resorts in the Maldives
Speaking of day dreaming and traveling, these resorts are jaw dropping.  Have you ever been to the Maldives?  I haven't but want to go desperately.  The flights are expensive and long from where I live, but I'll get there one day.  I hear you can swim with baby sharks and sting ray there, how cool!

What's Actually in Worcestershire Sauce?
I thought this article was too funny.  I can barely pronounce Worcestershire correctly and never looked at the bottle's ingredients which is strange because I usually read ingredients and I use Worcestershire every once and a while.  Well, if you have ever wondered here is the answer to all your Worcestershire questions.

Inside Robert Downey Jr.'s Hamptons Hideaway
A must see.  I'm not even going to spoil it.  I'm sure he has many homes which allows him and his family to be creative with their properties and this one is just too cool.  Those are some lucky kids!
Image Via:Architectural Digest

10 Surprising Places to Get Cheap Home Goods, According to Interior Design Experts (not including Ikea or Target)
Not surprised, not surprised at all.  But for those looking for different places to shop this is a great read.  I shop at these places regularly and really feel like I get the best bang for my buck with the items I buy.  I'm a serious budget shopper because I'd prefer to spend my money on travel which can get expensive.  And don't get me wrong I love Ikea but I think they need to add some new big ticket items because I often get Ikea vibes when I'm shopping their larger pieces.  I'm glad they were left off this list.  Now you all know by now that I love Target, have you seen the new Hearth and Hand collection at Target, designed by Chip and Joanna Gaines?  Standing ovation!  Check the collection out here.  Maybe I'll do a round up of the best (in my opinion) items from their collection soon, that would be fun right?  Or torture in picking?

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!
xxoo Sharon

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