Gift Guide for The Hostess

by - November 21, 2017

This gift guide was definitely one of my favorites to make.  I love to host, I mean who doesn't?  It's a great feeling to invite your family and friends to your house, fill up on good food and wine, all while they applaud you for your amazing cooking and your lovely home.  It gives me the happy tickles just thinking about it.  And of course I love home items that are beautiful and expressive. Every item in this gift guide is under $100, most under $50.  The above photo is of the most beautiful flower arrangement my best friend brought me on my wedding day.  I hope you enjoy the gift guide!

Staying on the topic of giving, I'd like to share a little story about paying it forward, hopefully to spark a little extra giving to those who need it during this time of year when we tend to focus on material things.  I was at the grocery store in line behind a little old lady and when I mean little I mean little.  I am 5 ft tall on a good day and she was smaller, by far.  She looked to be 80 years old, she reminded me of my Mom-Mom who is 93 years old.  She was struggling with her wallet, first she swiped a rewards card and then went digging for her credit card.  As she was digging I took a closer look at her wallet and her coat, which were a little beat up and basically I just took a closer look at her.  I then tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if I could pay for her groceries.  Instantly tears came to her eyes and a had a huge smile came across her face as she was saying thank you, the cashier was also thanking me.  It was a great feeling and honestly at that moment I felt like I should do more for her.  I paid and she said 'God bless you' and rubbed my hands.  It was a little act of kindness that made a strangers day, actually it made my day too and I think the cashier felt great watching us.   

Thank you for stopping by!

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