Gifts Guide for Sisters and Sisters-in Law

by - November 13, 2017

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Happy Monday Friends!  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  It was really cold here in Pennsylvania, 23 degrees on Saturday so K and I spent the weekend snuggling, what else is new.  My pup Bella usually doesn't mind the cold too much but this year something has changed, she's 13 years old this year and she's moody.  She doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning and I have to pick her up out of bed, it's really to funny.  

I also spent some time over the weekend shopping for my sisters-in-law.  I don't have sisters but when I married K I gained two sisters-in-law and my brother is now dating a very sweet girl who I think of as a sister-in-law.  So you could say I got lucky, 3 sisters is like winning the jack pot right?  I always wanted a sister growing up so for me it's like; let's get our girl talk on... I'm bringing the wine!  My sisters are all so different which makes shopping fun and challenging at the same time.  In the past I have gotten a necklace for my one sister-in-law who doesn't wear jewelry (I just didn't know) and I made a squirrel feeder for my other sister-in-law who loves squirrels that didn't come out so good (once it was in it's final moments of construction it was too late to trash and just buy her something).  With that in mind I've done my best to put together a list that is for the sister's and sisters-in-laws of the world with all of their beautiful differences that they might enjoy.

Disney x Kiehl's Hydration Essentials $30
If you are looking for a simple gift these gift packs from Sephora are usually a hit.  Personally I love them and if you have a beauty junkie on your hands Sephora has you covered.  This specific Kiehl's gift set is great because who doesn't need these moisturizing items in the winter and the packaging is cute and cheerful.

An eye mask is great gift idea for those ladies who their husbands get up earlier than them or for the traveler. 

Book $16
I know not everyone is a book reader but if you get a book reader a good book that keeps them interested and makes them want to finish it quickly, you've struck gold.  This list has 45 of the best books of 2017 to pick from. 

Thought A Day Notepad $16
I've heard that this notebook made it on Oprah's list of gift goodies.  It has been on my radar for a little bit now.  It is a book full of 365 quotes to help start the day of right.

This notebook would be the perfect addition to the notepad above or for anyone who journals or is interested in Gratitude Journaling.  You can find several other pretty journals here.

I just ordered these for myself and I love them.  Slippers, pj's and blankets are always a good gift idea.

If I was giving this as a gift to one of my sisters I would probably give it in combination with some cute gloves or the scarf below.  

This scarf is not only stylish but it's super comfy and warm, even if your sister lives in 90 degree weather I'm sure she needs this scarf (ha). 

I love this simple tote.  It's great for mothers and women who are looking for something simple and chic.  

Whether your sister runs or spends a bit of time outside in cold weather this neck warmer is cute, sleek and highly rated.

As women we all cook a little to a lot or just enjoy a nice kitchen.  Le Cruset has some of the best pieces, including this affordable utensil set that will last a lifetime and can be used everyday.

If she's into health or into cooking a Nutri Bullet is something that maybe she has not bought for herself that can be very, surprisingly useful.  

These mugs are an adorable simple, personalized gift for the coffee or tea drinker.  They are from Pottery Barn which offers a ton of personalized gifts from these mugs to monogrammed glasses, blanket and pillow as well as bar ware and more, you can find it all here.  The fluffy robes might be my favorite!

Gillian O'Malley PJs's are my all time favorite PJ's for two reasons they are incredibly soft and comfortable and they are very affordable.  You can find the whole selection of Gillian O'Malley PJ's here.  I already grabbed one of these for one os my sister's-in-law... which girl will be the lucky girl, only 42 days till we find out!

My parents are the ones who opened my eyes to what a great idea these monthly club gifts are.  Last Christmas they gifted K the beer of the month club for three months and for my birthday this year they gifted me the cheese of the month club for three months and we were both very impressed and thankful.  I think that three months is a perfect amount of time to receive a gourmet gift.  Three months of cheese a lot of cheese.  The clubs are affordable and they range from beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, cheese, candles, doggie treats and so many more.   

I am obsessed with these candles thanks to my sister!!  See I told you I hit the jack pot when I gained 3 sisters recently.  A candle is always a good gift idea for the lady who is no scent sensitive and enjoys candles.  If is was gifted only candles till the day I die I'd die with a huge smile on my face thinking; boy those were some great gifts.  These Paddy Wax candles burn forever, longer than Voluspa candles which were previously my favorite.  I also have been hearing great things about Yankee Candles lately, I love a good come back. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this list!

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