Holiday Table Setting

by - November 07, 2017

On Saturday night K and I hosted my parents and his parents at our house for a little pre-Thanksgiving celebration. His parents just celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary and K and I just celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary and it's been about a year since my parents and his parents saw each, so we figured we'd make it a dinner to celebrate being thankful and marriage.  It was a blast.  Both of our parents brought wine and brought their party pants so we all talked and laughed for hours.  My table setting was simple, as you can see.  I bought two yards of fabric the other day and sewed napkins by simply making a double folded hem and I bought maroon colored velvet ribbon and made napkin rings out of that.  I also was able to find little fake acorns to adorn the center of my napkin rings, it was cute.  My table runner is cream with gold stitching, it's two years old from Target but very similar to this one from Crate and Barrel.  I also like this one from World Market and this one from Target.  My chargers are from World Market, you can find them here, currently on sale.  My plain white dinner plates are from Crate and Barrel, you can find them here, also currently on sale.  I was going to make a big batch of Sangria and bought a bunch of apples at our local orchard, but when both of our parents started saying they'd bring wine I nixed the idea and threw them in a bowl for table decor.  Bonus points on the table because they smell so good.  My wine glasses are these which I actually found at Homegoods, it was a lucky find I bought 12 glasses for under $30!

The menu was simple I made Butternut Squash Toasts but instead of ricotta I used goat cheese.  I made simple red potato mashed potatoes with lots of heavy cream, butter, a little Greek yogurt and chives.  I than made truffled mac and cheese by using truffle butter to make the roux and I used an intense cheddar cheese that had been aged 26 months to make the sauce.  And since it is not yet Thanksgiving I made a large London Broil instead of a turkey.  The London Broil was huge and couldn't have been easier, I just broiled it on high in the oven for about 12 minutes on each side.  For dessert I made Emeril's Chocolate Pecan Pie and we had wedding cake.  Yes, wedding cake left over from my wedding last year!  The top of the cake was small so we saved it for our first anniversary.  The dinner was a hit and I could not be more thankful and grateful for our lovely families.

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