New Artwork and Cozy Things

by - November 30, 2017

Last night K and I finally pulled out our Christmas decorations and started putting them around the house.  Well if I'm being honest I started without him after receiving a text from my mom saying she was 99% done decorating for Christmas... how rude!  Kidding of course.  As I was decorating it dawned on me that I never shared with you guys the new artwork we got for our living room and the story behind it.  K and I were walking around World Market, I forget what we were looking for, when I casually showed him this cactus wall art.  I had my eye on it for little while but was sure he would not like it because it is very pink.  To my surprise he said he liked it!  We did not buy it that day because we figured it would go on sale for Black Friday.  The Wednesday before Black Friday I received an email from World Market (because I am a member of their points system) offering me a 25% off coupon for my next purchase, good for 48 hours.  We decided to buy the art work that night thinking that the Black Friday sale could not be that much more than 25% off.  Well we were wrong, the Black Friday sale on this piece of art work was 40% off.  Luckily World Market is a stand up company and will price match within 10 days (I think, don't quote me on that), so they refunded my card something like $20.  Hey $20 is $20 and I'll take it, plus I love a good deal.  

I am loving the cactus artwork, I think it is modern, subtle, cool and warm all at the same time.  And it comes is a beautiful gold frame.  Currently we have these festive velour pillows on our couch that say 'Gather', I bought them last year at Target.  You can find other similar, festive pillows hereherehere and here.  And of course I am cozied up wearing my favorite new slippers and drinking tea out of one of my favorite mugs.  

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