Travel Thursday - Mykonos

by - November 09, 2017

Travel Thursday, sure why not?  Remember when I went to Greece this past July?  Well I am finally finishing up my travel diary from the trip.  I figured with all the holiday talk lately, that today would be a good day to disconnect from making holiday lists, prepping for holiday dinners and enjoy a little wanderlust.  

Mykonos is simply a gorgeous island.  I look at my photos from Mykonos regularly, especially when I need a pick me up.  Our day on the island was short, maybe 8 hours or less, so we went with a plan.  As a family we decided ahead of time that we wanted to enjoy the beach and get some swimming in, hopefully swim with some fish.  My husband (K) took it upon himself (because he's wonderful) to do the research on what beaches would be right for us as a family and how to get to the beaches.  Mykonos does not have many taxi's and most people get around by a rented car or scooter.  There is a public bus but it is very limited, it doesn't run all day and night and it only has a couple stops.  K found out that we could take the public bus to a beach that would have chairs with umbrellas to rent and yachts to gawk at.  All we had to do was find the bus station, which ended up being so easy.  I could definitely get myself there again but I can't really describe how to get there from the port (does that make sense?).  

Our cruise boat anchored at sea and tendered us via smaller boats to the port which is at the edge of the town of Mykonos.  We started our day early and were able to walk the little streets of the town of Mykonos before they were filled with people, even before most shops opened.  We wandered for a bit but didn't find the bus stop right away so we got directions from a local shop owner.  Her directions were simple; 2 lefts, 2 rights and then another left, how funny!  She was spot on though.  The bus was large and air conditioned which is nice but it was packed, we got some of the last seats available.  It made two stops before dropping us off at the beach.  Once we hit the beach we took a bunch of pictures and decided on a hotel to rent chairs from for a couple hours.  I forget how much it cost, but we got six lounge chairs with three umbrellas and parked ourselves there for a couple hours.  Sorry I have no idea what beach we ended up at, I don't even think while we were there we knew the name of the beach or the name of the hotel we rented the chairs from.  We swam (no fish), we had a little bite to eat and drank a couple cocktails.  My dad kept pointing out the sailboats and yachts as they pulled in, they were all impressive.  After the beach we headed back to the bus stop and took the bus back to town again, again the bus was packed.  In town we had a lovely late lunch at Familia.  The restaurant was stunning, large carved wood tables, blown glass lighting and bougainvillea covering its overhang.  The restaurant is completely outside.  I had an amazing watermelon salad with feta and a balsamic vinaigrette.  K also had a delicious salad and my brother went all in and got a lamb shank, which he only shared with his girlfriend.  After lunch we walked and shopped and finished the day by finding the windmills and Little Venice.  It was a lovely day, I still can't believe I went to Mykonos. 

The View from the Cruise Boat

The Streets of Mykonos

The Beach

Wandering the streets of Mykonos Again

La Famalia Restaurant

My Watermelon Salad

The Windmills

Little Venice

The Port

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