Wishlist Wednesday

by - November 29, 2017

Happy Wishlist Wednesday friends!  
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?  I haven't can you believe it?!!  My mom has, she sent me some cute photos of what she's done so far and made me feel like I am really falling behind.  K and I own a fake tree which we bought last year and I really like it but this year I want a real tree.  So maybe that is what is holding us back, finding time to go look for the right tree and then maybe the rest of the holiday decor will follow.  This weeks Wishlist Wednesday is a little sparse on clothing and accessories I'm lusting after and heavy on holiday home decor I am lusting after.  I have not bought any new holiday decor yet because I can barely remember what I bought last year.  Ok, maybe I bought one little tree figurine from HomeGoods, but one doesn't count.  With the clothing and accessory items on today's list I definitely have holiday dressing on my mind.  Like, what will I wear to my mom's house of Christmas and what will I wear on New Year's Eve.  I am so glad my mom is hosting Christmas dinner I am burnt on cooking after hosting two big holiday get togethers.  Luckily my sweet husband is taking me to New York City this weekend for a quick trip.  We are heading up Saturday by train to see the tree and enjoy the NYC holiday fun.  If you've never been to NYC during the holidays, put it on your bucket list, it's so fun, festive, warming and full of holiday excitement.

Happy Shopping!

Sorry for throwing these in, I've been working out a lot lately and I'm starting to really get into workout gear and fashion.

Holiday Home Stuff

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